50 Atmospheric and Delicious Tea Gift Boxes, Best for New Years and Holidays (Part 2)

Today, I will continue to take stock of tea gift boxes that are more than 200 yuan and are suitable for gift giving.All of them have been strictly screened by the Gaide tea evaluation team.Have not seen or I want to review the content of the previous issuePlease click on the Xiaogai homepage to view~


Green Snow Bud 2018 Four Seasons Spring White Tea Gift Box

Chinese White Tea The iconic brand, this 2018 white peony and longevity eyebrow material has been transformed well after four years of dry storage, and the taste is mellow and fragrant. Packed in a fresh macaron blue gift bag, the price of 357g is just over 200 yuan, which is a great gift.


Small pot of tea Morandi color pot 16 pots combination tea

Small cans of tea are mainly brewed in one can, and are highly recognized in the gift tea market. The Morandi color matching gift box is young and fashionable. The gift box contains 4 types of Dahongpao, Jasmine Tea, Jinjunmei and Fragrant Tieguanyin, all of which are teas with a wide audience.


Tianzhihong Special Grade Two Qihong Shouxiang Gift Box

Black Tea The tea is mild in nature and mellow in the mouth, which can be used as a gift tea in winter. After harvesting, the tea is green, and the dry tea is firm and delicate, showing a golden hair. After brewing, the taste is sweet and mellow, and it is sweet in the middle and late stages. The Chinese infrared box is very pleasing to give to the elders, especially suitable for holiday gifts.


Shuiqiankou Jinjunmei black tea gift box

Gate evaluation hot gift tea , this tea soup is golden and translucent, with a sweet and delicate taste and a rich lychee honey aroma. The Chinese red gift box contains individual small bags, which is a high-quality and affordable gift tea.


Zhang Yiyuan Longhao Jasmine Tea Gift Box

Zhang Yiyuan’s first “100 million yuan single product” is also a high-end representative of the brand. The materials are more advanced, the cords are fatter and fresher, the number of scenting times is higher, the fragrance of camellia is fresh and strong, and the taste is more mellow and refreshing. It is suitable for elders or friends who love scented tea.


Chinese tea and American Puer raw and cooked double cake gift box

The gift box contains raw and cooked Puer There is a cake for each tea, and the cotton paper and gift box are all printed with the most Yunnan-style elephants and peacocks, with a strong ethnic style. The price of 714g of raw and cooked double cakes is only in the early 200s, which means harmony and beauty, and is very suitable for festival gifts.


900-year-old honey orchid fragrance phoenix single cluster gift box

New work The group’s main brand of single clusters has been established for nearly ten years. Using the traditional roasting process, the aroma is higher and purer, and the taste level is obvious. Double cans of 500g are paired with a gift bag. The large portion is not only suitable for self-drinking, but also looks great as a gift.


Xie Yu Huangshan Maofeng gift box before the heavy rain

As early as the Qing Dynasty, Huangshan Maofeng was first created, which can be said to be the leading benchmark in the industry. This is a popular model in the town store. The raw material is the young buds before the rain. With the heavy rolling process, the tea soup is full of juice, the taste is mellow and not astringent, and it is durable for brewing. Elegant green packaging, presenting a classy gift.


Phoenix Brand Gongfu Tea Dianhong Gift Box

China Time-honored Brand The only Dianhong brand. This raw material comes from Fengqing, the “Hometown of Dianhong”, which is a special grade, and the tea soup tastes sweet and mellow. The packaging is a small bubble bag + gift box + handbag. It is very convenient to carry out or brew daily, and the gift is elegant and classy.


Extreme White Collar Fresh Four Diamond Anji White Tea Gift Box

Extreme White Line The series will be named according to the grade. This is a premium Yuqian tea. In addition to the unique umami taste of Anji white tea, it is also more mellow than Mingqian tea. The black and white gift box design is simple and not tacky, suitable for high-end business occasions or ordinary gift giving.


Tea Li Ali’s afternoon tea gift box blind box

Domestic teabag The benchmark brand in the industry. The theme of this tea is Ahri’s cute pet, and the cartoon packaging is very girlish. It contains 5 popular flavors of tea bags, and comes with a surprise blind box. The gift box is not only good-looking, but also can be transformed into a storage box, with more than one boxuse.


Seawall Special Impression Xiamen Cinnamon Gift Box

Back Relying on COFCO, it is also known as “overseas Chinese selling tea”. After being roasted on medium heat, the charcoal roasting is fragrant and mellow in the mouth, and the clear drink is very suitable for the taste of old tea drinkers. There are 20 small bags inside, and the packaging is printed with the five major scenic spots in Xiamen. It can be used as a Fujian gift for relatives and friends.


Heavenly Red Qihong High Fragrance Gift Box

This special high The incense gift box is not only collected from high-altitude tea gardens, but also baked with high-temperature charcoal fire. The sweetness of caramel is overflowing, and the taste is sweet and mellow. The packaging is colored in festive Chinese red, high-end and atmospheric, very suitable for elders.


Eight horse white peony tea cake gift box

I don’t want the traditional black and white Packed in a red gift box, you can get the national trendy gift box of Bama. The packaging is fresh and sky blue, incorporating national trend elements and patterns, which is elegant and fashionable. Using 2-year-old raw materials, the tea soup has less greenness of new tea and is more friendly to the stomach.


Da Yi Feng Ji Pu’er Cooked Tea 2101 Gift Box

The outer box is made of Chinese red As the background color, it is painted with the image of a phoenix dancing. It is exquisite and full of festive atmosphere, and has the meaning of “congratulations”. Built-in 2021 cooked tea cakes, with obvious gold marks on the surface, soft and smooth in the mouth, strong palatability, it is a good gift for family members or customers.


Eight horses, ten perfect ten perfect five tea combinations

Each can body It is painted with auspicious patterns of national style with different themes, such as Erlong Xizhu, Sanyang Kaitai, etc. Gift box teas are divided into two types, A and B. The best-selling type A includes Tieguanyin, Jinjunmei, Pu’er, Fuding white tea and Lapsang Souchong, all of which are popular teas.


Grand AA West Lake Dragon Well Gift Box before Ming Dynasty

This This AA-grade West Lake Longjing tea is positioned as a high-end product. It is produced from the old tea trees in the first-level production area of ​​Longjing Village. It is sweet and refreshing, and its overall taste and aroma are far superior to cultivated varieties. The body of the ceramic jar is painted with pictures of water towns in the south of the Yangtze River, which is elegant and classy, ​​and is suitable for gifting to elders and leaders.


Pinpin Xiangtan Platinum 1841 Shoumei Gift Box

This 1841 is a star single product. The dry tea is a trapezoidal small tea brick, and there is no need to pry the tea one piece at a time. The green tea in 2018 has been transformed through aging, and the soup feels soft and sweet. With the gradual cooking and drinking, the aroma of jujube and medicine are gradually revealed. It is paired with a golden box, which is a great gift.


Ba Marseille Pearl 1000 Tieguanyin with Strong Fragrance

Pearl Bucks 1000 is a popular best-selling product with strong aroma and obvious The aroma of fried rice and the aroma of roasted fire are full of mellow taste, which is very pleasing to tea lovers who like strong tea. The 150g gift box costs 360 yuan, and the gift box and gift bags are all beige, which is a high-end gift!


Small pot tea silver pot 20 cans assembled tea gift box

Online The sales volume exceeds 10 million. It contains 4 types of tea with strong floral fragrance, sweet and mellow Dahongpao and Dianhong, and mellow and refreshing jasmine tea and Tieguanyin, which are suitable for most tea lovers. A versatile piece in a high-end gift box.


513 tea gift box collected by Zhengshantang

Selected one bud and two from Wuyi Mountain Three leaves, mellow and sweet in the mouth, the unique longan flavor slowly appears after two or three bubbles, and the taste changes very richly. The wooden outer box is exquisite and dignified, suitable for long-term storage of tea, suitable for gifting to old tea lovers who know tea or old tea drinkers with heavy tastes.


Feng brand classic 58 Dianhong gift box

The heat in Dianhong Selling evergreen trees, the quality is very stable. The whole body of the gift box is Chinese red, and it contains 3 cans. The dry tea is black and straight, and the gold is exposed. After brewing, it is mellow and sweet, ruddy and resistant to foaming.


Dayi Fulu Double Happiness Gift Box

Using the auspicious animal unicorn as the packaging design element , the red outer box has the word Fulu, which is very suitable for giving gifts during reunion festivals such as Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival. Using 2020 green tea as raw materials, the raw tea is full and sweet, and the cooked tea is mellow and high-quality, which can satisfy the tastes of different tea lovers.


>Bamboo Leaf Qingmingqian Taste Gift Box

The packaging is designed by the famous designer Chen Youjian. The cyan strip box with white dark pattern waist seal is simple yet high-end. One bag and one bubble are individually packaged. Mingqian early spring tea is sweet and fragrant, and you don’t need to choose a tea set for brewing. It is a high-end green tea that is easy to brew, delicious and easy to brew.