Recommended high-value fruit wine, sweet and slightly drunk, 0 flavor and 0 pigment

In recent years, the wine culture has developed towards the direction of light drinking, pleasant feeling and slight drunkenness, and easy-to-drink, low-alcohol fruit wine has gradually become a new consumption fashion. Today’s Gaide 90 review brings this Berry Sweetheart Slightly Intoxicating Wine. Nangao Plum Wine and Baifeng Tao Wine are the most recommended. The degree is only 6 degrees, and the juice content is as high as 80%. It is sweet and not greasy.

Berry Sweetheart, Low Alcohol

Guide Evaluator Summary

Small size, easy-to-drink, low-alcohol fruit wine has gradually become a new consumer fashion, and the fruit wine market is no longer silent in the situation where local brands are flourishing and foreign brands are rushing in.

Berry sweetheart fruit wine is made by adding original fruit juice and original fruit concentrated juice, adding yeast to ferment, and the degree is only six degrees. The added amount of both juices is more than 50%, and the taste of the original fruit is real and obvious.

The original fruit of Nanko Ume Wine is selected from Kishu Nanko Ume in Japan, which has the characteristics of thin skin, thick flesh and prominent sour taste. The high acidity of the entrance is refreshing; Baifeng peach wine has more than 80% fruit juice content, the original sweetness of peaches and the addition of white sugar make the overall taste sweeter, sweet but not greasy, and the slender bottle strengthens the taste when opening the cap. The aroma performance is overflowing with peach. Both have a slight bitterness after drinking, and Baifengtao wine is more obvious.

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