Calcium and drink milk? These 6 ingredients can also supplement calcium

Core tip: When it comes to calcium supplementation, the first reaction of many people is to drink milk. Besides milk, what other foods can also supplement calcium?

Spring is the season for height growth, parents should not forget to supplement calcium for their children. When it comes to calcium supplementation, the first reaction of many people is to drink milk. In fact, in addition to milk, the following foods are also experts in calcium supplementation.

Amaranth, Rape

Many green leafy vegetables are not inferior in calcium supplementation. Among them, the calcium content of amaranth and rapeseed is higher than that of milk of the same weight. In addition, vegetables contain high amounts of mineral elements and vitamin K that aid in calcium absorption. Vegetables are boiled in boiling water and then cooked, the absorption rate of calcium will be better.

Dried Tofu

The dried bean curd made by pressing and concentrating has the highest calcium content among soy products. Use dried tofu to replace meat stir-fry, the calcium content will be greatly increased.


Among all kinds of grains, oat has the highest calcium content, which is 7.5 times that of refined white rice. Although calcium from oats is not as absorbed as calcium from milk, it is still beneficial in preventing calcium deficiency. If the oatmeal and black sesame seeds are boiled together to make a delicious porridge, the calcium supplementation effect is even better.

kidney beans

Every 100 grams of kidney beans with skin contains 349 mg of calcium, which is nearly twice that of soybeans. Kidney beans can be made into appetizers or snacks, which is a good way to supplement calcium.

The digestibility of sesame seeds was greatly improved when sesame seeds were ground into tahini. Eat a tablespoon of sesame paste (about 25 grams), which contains about 200 mg of calcium. Tahini can be used to make cold sauces, and also used in pastries such as flower rolls and pancakes.


Hazelnuts have the highest calcium content among all kinds of nuts. The calcium content of every 100 grams of fried hazelnuts is as high as 815 mg, which can meet the calcium requirement of adults for a day. But nuts are generally high in calories, a small handful a day is enough.