7 simple and fast ways to take screenshots on Huawei mobile phones, but unfortunately many people do not use them

Many people know that the screen capture function of Huawei mobile phones is very powerful. Do you know there are several screen capture methods for Huawei mobile phones? Today, I will share with you seven ways to take screenshots of Huawei mobile phones and their operations. We all know that screenshots are often used in our lives. We often use screenshots to share some interesting pictures or tutorials with friends around us. I suggest everyone to read them patiently. I believe it will be helpful to you. Next, we will demonstrate the seven screen capture methods of Huawei mobile phones.

The first way to take a screenshot is to hold down the volume down key and the power key at the same time to take a screenshot. You can press and hold the volume down key and the power key at the same time to take a screenshot.

We can also annotate this screenshot. For example, if we click the refill here, we will point the arrow to the headline, and then we will share it with friends. , others can know that the key point we want to share is the headline, and then we can click Save in the upper right corner.

The second is the screenshot button in the drop-down menu bar, we pull down the menu bar, we can see that there is a screenshot button here, let’s click it It, at this time we took the screenshot successfully.

The third screenshot method is even simpler and faster, that is, double-click the knuckle to take a screenshot. This screenshot method requires us to go to the settings to find the auxiliary function and click it. Then click on the shortcut startup and gestures here, we can see that there is a screenshot here, we click it, and we can turn on the switch of the knuckle screenshot.

Then we return to the desktop of the mobile phone, and we double-click with our finger knuckles. If you see it, the screenshot is successful.

The fourth method is three-finger swipe to take screenshots. This method of taking screenshots also requires us to set the switch to turn on three-finger swipe to take screenshots, and then we will demonstrate Once, we slide three fingers down from the top of the screen, we can see that the screenshot was taken successfully at this time, which is very convenient.

The fifth type is residual screenshots, which are scrolling screenshots. For example, we usually see long articles, and we want to take screenshots of them all. How can we take long screenshots? we directlyDraw an S on the screen with our knuckles, we can see it start moving, we just wait for it to reach the length we want, or when it’s a certain area, we just tap the screen and it’s done Take a long screenshot, and then click the save button in the upper right corner.

The sixth is the voice screenshot method. We only need to say to the screen of the mobile phone and take a screenshot, and it will start taking screenshots. This method requires us Turn on the voice wakeup function in the phone’s settings to use it. Then we said to the screen to take a screenshot, so that the screenshot was successful, which can be said to be very convenient.

The seventh is to take a partial screenshot. The previous screenshot methods all take a screenshot of the entire screen. The seventh screenshot method is to take a partial screenshot. We only need to draw a circle on the screen with our knuckles, and it will come out to take a partial screenshot, which is such a graphic,

If we don’t want such a shape, at the bottom we can see that there are new oval, rectangular free shapes, we can choose a shape we like, for example, if I like this star, I will choose The star, and then we can adjust the size of the star, we can also move its position to a suitable position, and then click the save button in the upper right corner.

Seeing this, I believe that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the screenshots of Huawei mobile phones. What other screenshot methods do you know? If you find it useful, don’t forget to forward and share it with your friends, your sharing can help more people in need.