Britain’s top secret will be cracked by a computer enthusiast?

Darwin’s “Origin of Species” was officially published in 1859

November 1859 Darwin’s “Origin of Species” was published on March 24. In the book, Darwin put forward such influential ideas as “natural selection”, “survival of the fittest” and “genetic variation”, and used a large amount of data to prove that all kinds of creatures are not created by God, but are created by inheritance, variation, In the struggle for survival and in natural selection, it is constantly developing and changing from simple to complex, from low to high. This change is the result of conflicts and struggles within nature.

“Origin of Species” not only ushered in a new era in the history of biological development, permeated the theory of evolution into all fields of natural science, and aroused the whole The great revolution of human thought has had extensive and far-reaching influence in the course of world history.

In 1894, Sun Yat-sen founded the Xingzhong Society in Honolulu

On November 24, 1894, Mr. Sun Yat-sen established the first bourgeois revolutionary organization “Xingzhonghui”. shout.

After that, Sun Yat-sen not only actively organized the armed uprising, but also led the revolutionaries and the royalists in the debate. By 1905, the Xingzhong Association, the Huaxing Association, the Restoration Association and other revolutionary groups formed the China Tongmenghui. Sun Yat-sen was elected as the prime minister and systematically proposed the Three People’s Principles, which opened a new process for the Chinese revolution.

In 1951, the first set of radio gymnastics was officially released

On November 24, 1951, the first set of radio gymnastics was officially released. Since then, People’s Broadcasting Stations around the country have started broadcasting it one after another. Every day when the trumpet sounds, millions of people do exercises to the radio music.

In order to comply with the requirements, after the promotion of the first set of radio gymnastics, the editorial team launched another 9 sets of radio gymnastics. But no matter which set it is, it continues the first set of action choreography rules. It starts with the upper or lower limbs that are farther away from the heart and has a lower load. Gradually increase the range and load of the movement, and then switch to more intense, full-body exercise and jumping exercise with the largest load, and finally end with finishing exercise or relaxation exercise.

In 1978, Xiaogang Village, Fengyang, Anhui implemented contract production to household

On November 24, 1978, 18 households in Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Anhui Province pressed their bright red handprints on a “secret contract” that allocated fields to households. The “big contract” contract that contracted the collective land to the households, their move has since opened the prelude to China’s rural reform.

Since then, Xiaogang Village has become a pioneer in rural reform across the country. In 1982, the central government’s first “No. 1 Document” on rural work was officially promulgated, clarifying that the production responsibility system of the socialist collective economy is the production responsibility system of the socialist collective economy. Since then, the household contract responsibility system, which was born out of the 18 red handprints, has finally risen to the basic rural management system in our country.

In 1987, Chinese scientists successfully developed an electric artificial heart

On November 24, 1987, Qian Kunxi, who was then a lecturer in the Artificial Heart Research Office of Shanghai Second Medical University, made a major breakthrough in the miniaturization of the artificial heart, which caused a stir in the international artificial organ academic circle. shock.

The weight of the artificial heart drive device he developed was reduced from tens of kilograms to several kilograms. In addition, while making a major breakthrough in the miniaturization of the artificial heart, he also successively solved the international unsolved problems of electric heart hemolysis, sealing and pulsating flow.

In 1988, the world’s largest wooden board book “Qianlong Edition Tripitaka” was reprinted

On November 24, 1988, the reprinting of the “Tripitaka of Qianlong Edition”, which was called a grand event of promoting Buddhism and protecting cultural relics by the Buddhist circles and cultural relics circles, was held in Beijing. The compilation and publication project of “Qianlong Edition Tripitaka” is a huge project, with more than 60 officials, scholars, and eminent monks in charge, more than 80 supervisors, and more than 860 outstanding craftsmen such as lettering, printing, and binding. It took 6 years to complete .

Its content is very rich. It is not only an important classic for the study of Buddhism in the Buddhist circle, but also an important book for ordinary scholars to study ancient oriental languages, literature, art, philosophy, Invaluable material on multiple disciplines including logic, medicine and history.

1994 Computer Hobbyist Gets UK Top Secret

On November 24, 1994, a man named Steve Fleming finally disclosed to British intelligence agencies the largest, most harmful, and most widespread computer in British history Leaks.

As an amateur computer enthusiast, he used the computer to call up the most confidential “British Communications Company Information Database” in the UK, the relevant phone number A complete record of the user’s situation. It includes all telephone numbers and addresses of MI5 and MI6, the British counterintelligence agency, as well as telephone numbers and address details of a series of top-secret military facilities such as British strategic missile bases, nuclear arsenals, and wartime command centers.

In 2020, China successfully launched the Chang’e-5 probe

On November 24, 2020, the “Chang’e-5” probe of China’s lunar exploration project was launched by the Long March 5 Yao-5 carrier rocket at China’s Wenchang Space Launch Site on the northeast coast of Hainan Island. After the rocket flew for more than 2,200 seconds, it successfully sent the “Chang’e-5” lunar probe into the Earth-Moon transfer orbit, starting the final battle of the lunar exploration project.

The Chang’e-5 mission is the sixth mission of China’s lunar exploration project, and it is also one of the most complex and difficult missions in China’s aerospace industry. China’s first unmanned moon sampling return, helping scientific research on the cause and evolution history of the moon.