beware! This small action may lead to protection loopholes

Wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and keeping a safe distance, the “three-piece suit” of epidemic prevention has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Among them, wearing a mask has become a habitual action when everyone goes out. But why insist on wearing masks, there are still people accidentally “successful”?

Li Li, deputy director of the Infection Department of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital, pointed out that improper wearing and use of masks will affect the protective effect of masks and bring potential risk. For example, if you directly touch the outside of the mask with your hands, the bacteria and viruses on the outside of the mask may contaminate your hands, leaving a protective loophole. Therefore, please pay attention to these life scenes and protect them from the details.

Scene 1

Do nucleic acid, directly pull the outside of the mask

When doing nucleic acid, some citizens directly pulled the outside of the mask with their hands to sample. It seems to be easy to operate, but it may cause hand contamination.

In fact, the main function of the mask is to block harmful bacteria and viruses, and the outermost layer is the dirtiest part of the mask. Someone once did an experiment, put a used mask under a microscope, and after magnifying it to 2000 times, you can see that many bacteria are moving on the mask. Touching the outside of the mask with your hands, such as touching your eyes, mouth and nose without washing your hands in time, will increase the risk of virus transmission.

Correct approach:Pinch the ear loops to take off the mask, or pinch the edge of the mask as much as possible to take it off. After touching the mask, be sure to wash your hands in time.

Scene 2

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When doing outdoor activities, the amount of activity is slightly larger, and you may feel a little stuffy. Some people will choose to open the mask to breathe, or simply pull the mask to the chin.

When doing this, a large number of bacteria and viruses attached to the outside of the mask may touch the face, increasing the probability of infection; The mandible, neck and other parts are contaminated. After wearing the mask again, the contaminated inner side directly contacts the mouth and nose, and there is also a risk of infection.

Correct approach:If you feel stuffy, you can directly take off the mask to breathe in a safe area where no one is around, or take a rest before continuing activities.

Scene three

It is necessary to take off the mask when eating, and some citizens are worried about losing it. Put the removed mask in your bag or put it in your clothes pocket.

In fact, used pockets and bags have already accumulated a lot of bacteria. If you put the mask directly in a bag or pocket, it will cause “secondary pollution” to the mask; bacteria and viruses attached to the outside of the mask may also contaminate the inside of the mask and other items in the pocket or bag, which will increase the risk of infection. disease risk.

Correct approach:You can prepare a sealed bag with you. If you need to store the mask temporarily, you can take off the mask, fold it in half with the clean side on the inside of the mask facing inward, and the polluted side on the outside of the mask, and pack it in a sealed bag save.

Scene Four

The mask I wore when I went downstairs to do nucleic acid, I continued to wear it when I was getting takeout at noon, and at night Wear it again when throwing out the trash, put it on the shoe cabinet when you get home, and keep it until the next day to wear it again and again. For some citizens who are pursuing economy, masks that have only been worn for a short period of time will be eliminated after repeated use for three to five days.

In fact, as long as the mask is used once, various bacteria and viruses may be attached to the outside. Under normal circumstances, repeated use is not recommended. If it is in the case of a shortage of masks, in low-risk areas and without contact with many peopleUnder normal circumstances, masks that have been used in a short period of time can be used repeatedly two or three times. However, continuous use for several days is not recommended.

In addition, if you go to supermarkets, hospitals and other places with high density of people and viruses, you must dispose of the used masks in time when you go home. reuse.

Correct approach:In low-risk areas and without contact with many people, masks that have been worn for a short period of time can be reused two or three times if they are not obviously dirty or deformed. After each use, you can take off the ear straps with your hands, and put them in a clean, dry, and ventilated place to dry to prevent the accumulation of bacteria on the surface.

Scene Five

Before going out, pick up the mask on the shoe cabinet and put it on; Take off the mask and throw it into the trash can, then go to eat and tease the children at home. In fact, doing so will also have the risk of contaminating the hands, leaving hidden dangers of infection.

Correct practice: Every time you wear a mask, clean your hands with running water or hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, etc., and then take out the mask and wear it. Do not touch the inner layer of the mask during the process. The mask needs to completely cover the nose, mouth and chin. Put your fingertips on the metal nose clip, start from the middle, press inward with your fingers, and gradually move to the sides, shape the nose clip according to the shape of the bridge of the nose, and adjust the strap The tightness ensures tight coverage of the mask. After use, do a good job of hand hygiene first, do not touch the front of the mask when taking it off, discard it properly after taking off the mask, and do a good job of hand hygiene again. When wearing the mask, do not touch the mask with your hands.

The epidemic is not over yet, so the epidemic prevention cannot be slack

comeSource: Changjiang Daily, Wuhan Release