The wedding is about to start in 20 minutes, but the bride has disappeared. After checking the surveillance, the groom is angry

Mr. Lei and his girlfriend met at a friend’s party. He fell in love with his girlfriend at first sight. When he learned that his girlfriend didn’t have a boyfriend at that time, he immediately launched a fierce offensive. Finally, the hard work paid off, and three months later, the two became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Notlongafter,Mr.Leifoundhisgirlfriendinthesurveillance.Itturnedoutthatshewashidinginthestairwellandhuggingastrangemantightly.Mr.Leibecameangryimmediately,andhehurriedover.Whenhearrivedatthescene,themanwaskneelingononekneeandproposingtohisgirlfriend.Mr.Leisaidangrily:”Do you know that hundreds of relatives and friends are waiting for you, but unexpectedly you hide here with a strange man, do you think it’s appropriate to do this?” His girlfriend said it was her ex-girlfriend. Boyfriend, she originally wanted to make a break with her ex-boyfriend, but she didn’t expect him to propose marriage to her suddenly, and she had already sternly refused, hoping that Mr. Lei could trust her.

Mr. Lei sneered: “Didn’t you say that you have deleted the contact information of your ex-boyfriend long ago? Why can he still find the wedding scene at this point in time? If you don’t have the other party in your heart, you It is impossible to meet him in the stairwell. Since you still can’t let go of this relationship, there is no need for our wedding. Fortunately, God has eyes and let me see your true face before the wedding, otherwise I will wait until after the wedding From now on, it will be too late. I hope you can return the dowry money to me as soon as possible, and we will break up from now on,” Mr. Lei turned and left after speaking.


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