Breakfast is the “golden period” for nourishing the liver. Eat more of these 6 foods, which may be good for the liver

Traditional Chinese medicine says “the stomach is a trumpet, and the liver is a mute”. If there is an internal problem, the human body will send out a distress signal at the first time, but the problem with the liver is not easy to be detected. It is because there is no pain in the liver, and once the nerves feel abnormal, it is often irreversible.

In life, due to work reasons, many people will ignore breakfast, or deal with it occasionally, but in fact breakfast is to nourish the liver During the golden period, eating a good breakfast at this time is also very helpful for nourishing and protecting the liver.

Academician Li Lanjuan, as an expert in the field of liver disease, once emphasized that breakfast is the “golden period” for nourishing the liver, so everyone must pay attention to breakfast , Eat well and eat nutritiously, the body is the best. It is suggested that everyone: “Eat more high-protein, whole grains, acidic green food for breakfast or help the liver health”.


First understand the function and function of the liver

We all know that the liver may have the most detoxification function. In fact, the liver is the largest gland in the body, which belongs to the digestive gland, so it is very important for the body. Digestion is very critical. The first function of the liver is synthesis, because it is responsible for the synthesis of the three major substances in the body, such as protein, lipid and even carbohydrate metabolism, which is also in the liver, and metabolism is only a part of it.

Liver fluid is an important immune organ, so the study of the Kupffer macrophage system in the liver is also very important for the body Important protective effect. During the fetal period, the liver is also a hematopoietic organ. Now, more clinical attention is paid to the regulation function of the liver for blood sugar, the detoxification of the liver, and the clinical manifestations of alcoholic liver disease are more common.

If liver damage is caused, There will be various manifestations, such as hepatic diabetes or poor synthetic ability of the liver, ascites and edema may occur due to low protein, and corresponding diseases may occur after the detoxification ability of the liver becomes poor. To sum up, the main function of the liver is to synthesize and detoxify, including some functions of metabolism, immunity and hematopoiesis.

The liver is the largest solid organ in the human body. It is located in the upper right abdomen of the human body and in the costal arch. The liver is huge There are more than 1,000 chemical reactions in the chemical plant, all of which take place in the liver. So many chemical reactions form the function of the liver.

1. Detoxification function: liver It has a strong detoxification function. When there are foreign or toxic substances produced by metabolism in the body, it needs to be detoxified in the liver to turn them into non-toxic or highly soluble substances. With the urine and bile excreted from the body, these toxic substances will not bring adverse side effects to everyone’s body.

2. Promote fat metabolism: the liver can also effectively promote fat metabolism in the body, and can help neutralize The release and synthesis of fat promote the decomposition of fatty acids, the generation and oxidation of ketone bodies in the body, and the synthesis of cholesterol and phospholipids, and the synthesis and transportation of lipoproteins are all carried out in the liver.

In addition, it can also effectively promote the metabolism of vitamins, and the synthesis and storage of various vitamins in our body are related to the liver Therefore, when everyone’s liver is damaged, there will be a serious vitamin deficiency in everyone’s body.

3. Promote glucose metabolism: the liver can also help the body effectively promote glucose metabolism, starch and Sugar is digested and turned into glucose. After being absorbed by the intestine, the liver will synthesize the glycogen and store it in the liver. When the body needs this part of energy, it will decompose it into glucose for the body to use , and when the blood sugar concentration in the blood changes, the liver can also play a role in regulating it to a certain extent.


Breakfast is the “golden period” for liver nourishment, eat more of 6 kinds of food Point, may be good for the liver!

1. Eggs: Eggs are foods with relatively high nutritional value, which contain the nutrients needed by the human body Eating eggs properly can obtain these nutrients to maintain liver health. It is best to eat boiled eggs in the morning, and try not to choose tea eggs, fried eggs, etc.

2. Whole grains: Eating whole grains or whole grains for breakfast can improve the absorption and digestion of the stomach and strengthen the digestive system. The digestion and absorption of other substances can effectively help the intestinal tract to clean up toxins and garbage, maintain the repair ability of liver cells, enhance cell activity, accelerate the metabolism of harmful substances and garbage toxins in the body, such as oats, soybean milk, barley, etc.

3. Broccoli: Traditional Chinese Medicine Talk about “green color enters the liver meridian”. If you want to promote liver health, you can eat more green foods, such as common broccoli, which is very suitable for breakfast. It can not only absorb dietary fiber, but also supplement multivitamins, minerals, etc. Substances and trace elements can play the role of nourishing and protecting the liver.

4. Soymilk: The main raw material of soymilk is extracted from soybeans, which are rich in vegetable protein And flavonoids, drinking soy milk regularly can help supplement high-quality protein. Under this condition, it can make the body grow stronger, improve human immunity and resistance, and strengthen the maintenance of liver cells.

4. Carrots and pumpkins: Breakfast is the most important of the three meals. If it can provide rich vitamin A, It has the function of protecting the liver. Carrots and pumpkins contain vitamin A. These substances have a preventive effect on some patients with eye diseases, and can also promote the normal function of the liver. Conservation, for which this substance cannot be lacking.


Extension–6 tips to nourish the liver and protect the liver

1. Close your eyes: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the liver controls the storage of blood, and the liver controls the eyes”. If you want to nourish the liver , First of all, you must raise your eyes first, first fix a large object as the target, then let the eyeball go from left to top to right, then down and then back to the left, one circle of movement is one time, a total of 10 times is completed, and half of it is completed. Then change the direction and follow the steps for another 10 times and it’s over. Remember to keep your head still when your eyes move, only your eyeballs move.

This action can effectively relieve eye fatigue and improve vision. If you find it troublesome, you can Simply choose to close your eyes and let your eyes rest for a few minutes, which also has the effect of nourishing the liver and improving eyesight.

2. Drink wolfberry porridge: wolfberry has protective properties The effect of liver and eyesight is good for cooking porridge. Wolfberry helps relieve eye fatigue. The method is also very simple. First, prepare appropriate amount of rice and wolfberry, then clean the rice, put it in a pot, add water and boil it, and wait for the rice to bloom Pour in wolfberries and cook together. Finally, when the porridge becomes thick, you can put it in a bowl and let it cool before eating.

3. Do liver protection exercises: you can let your hands hold the thighs tightly once, and then apply a little force to the Massage down to the ankle, and then rub from bottom to top to the root of the thigh. You can also clamp the calf on one side with two palms and rotate it. Knead it several times. After your hands are tired, take a short rest before switching legs and kneading the leg again Belly, just once.

4. Control your mentality: Traditional Chinese medicine says “anger hurts the liver”, that is to say, getting angry or getting angry will cause great damage to the liver. Therefore, in life, we must learn to control our emotions, maintain a good attitude, be an open-minded person, and keep in mind that anger hurts the liver. The principle of the liver.

5. Pay attention to diet: If the body does not take in food, the body cannot supplement nutrition, so remember Pay attention to your diet. If you want your liver to be healthy, you must develop good eating habits, eat less greasy and irritating food, and stay away from high-fat food, so as not to cause extra burden on the liver.

6. Active exercise: You must insist on exercising every day, so as to improve the body’s metabolic level and effectively prevent Liver fat accumulates to protect your liver. There are many common physical exercises, such as running and skipping rope.