As soon as you drink water, you will urinate more. Does this mean that the kidneys are good or not?

After drinking water, part of the water will be retained, and part of the water will be metabolized, and then filtered through the kidneys and then converted into urine to be excreted.

For people who want to go to the toilet as soon as they drink water, do they go to the toilet many times after drinking water, or Went only once after drinking water. There will be differences for different situations, and the impact on the body will also be different.

There are also some different phenomena, that is, some people seldom go to the toilet to urinate after drinking water, and some even drink water Neither water nor the idea of ​​peeing. Some people worry that it has something to do with the health of the kidneys, so does this mean that the kidneys are good or not?

How many times does a person usually urinate every day? How long after drinking water is it normal to urinate?

Generally speaking, normal people urinate 4-6 times during the day and 0-2 times at night. So even if it is frequent urination, if the daily urine output is less than 400 ml, it is considered oliguria.

We can’t just judge whether we are healthy from the frequency of urination, whether it is more urine or less urine, it does not necessarily Physiological factors caused by physical health problems should also be taken into account.

The standard of healthy urination is not just based on the number of urination, if it is calculated according to the amount of 200ml in a cup If you drink it, you will produce urine about half an hour after drinking it.

How long does it take to have a bowel movement? Many factors, such as diet, thirst, water intake, and each person’s physique is different, so there is no uniform answer to this question, mainly because it varies from person to person.

When you drink water, you will urinate more, which means that the kidneys are good or not Woolen cloth?

Generally speaking, a person’s daily urine output is about 1000~2000ml, and the time when water enters the body and turns into urine is not fixed. Because it is affected by many factors, such as activity level, temperature, climate and water volume.

After the water turns into urine, it will be stored and discharged in the bladder, and the speed depends on the bladder The amount of storage to see the excretion time of urine.

According to research statistics, The shortest time for water to turn into urine in the body is 6-8 minutes, and the longest time is about 120 minutes. Once you drink water, you will urinate more, which may be caused by drinking water too fast, the bladder area is too small, kidney deficiency and other factors.

If you find that the urine output is obviously too much, it may be diabetes or diabetes insipidus. If you drink water, you will urinate more, and you cannot directly judge the quality of your kidneys.

Some people drink water faster, but the storage capacity of the bladder is relatively small, so they urinate more when they drink water , Some people drink water more slowly, and the storage capacity of the bladder is relatively large, and it takes a long time to urinate after drinking water.

In any case, as long as it is within the normal urine volume range and urine formation time, then It’s all normal, don’t worry.

Whether the kidney is good or not, these symptoms are the criteria

Only by looking at the time of urination, it is not possible to tell whether the kidneys are healthy. It is necessary to make a comprehensive judgment from the properties, taste and color of the urine to measure the health of the kidneys.

urine color

If there is white turbid urine, it may be kidney stones. If there is red urine, exclude dietary Factors may be hematuria and hemoglobinuria, which are related to inflammation, stones or tumors of the urinary system.

Eating or taking drugs can cause The color of the urine changes, in addition, it may also be caused by urinary system diseases or other diseases of the body, so if you find that the color of the urine changes, you should go to the hospital for examination.

Urine Smell

If the urine has a pungent ammonia smell, it may be chronic cystitis or urinary retention. If the medicine liquid smells like rotten apples, it may be diabetic ketosis , These may cause damage to the kidneys and should be treated as soon as possible.

foam urine

< p data-track="24">I found that the foam in the urine does not disappear, which means that the urine contains a lot of protein, and frequent proteinuria means that the kidney function is abnormal, so I need to be more vigilant.

If polyuria only happens occasionally The phenomenon of frequent urination may not be caused by diseases, but is mostly affected by factors, such as emotions, drinking too much water and eating too much salt. If frequent urination occurs frequently, you should go to the hospital to see a doctor as soon as possible to find out the cause.

As for drinking water and urinating more, whether the kidneys are good or bad, don’t get too entangled, the kidneys are good or bad You can’t just judge from the excessive urine. If you are really worried about the health of your kidneys, you can go to the hospital for a detailed examination.