“A long eyebrow is better than ten thousand dan grains” What’s the saying? What It Means to Have Longer Eyebrows After 50

The ancients said that people have five sense organs and seven orifices. The five sense organs we refer to are eyebrows, nose, eyes, mouth and ears. Among the five sense organs, eyebrows are often ignored by people. It can be seen from the arrangement order that the eyebrows are called “the head of the five sense organs” and are also related to the life span of a person.

As the saying goes, “A long eyebrow is better than ten thousand dan grains”. In the eyes of the older generation, people with long eyebrows will live longer It is relatively long, and many portraits of birthday stars are also painted with the feeling that long eyebrows will surely live a long life, and it also gives people a sense of kindness and kindness.


First of all, what is the length of eyebrows related to?

1. Family inheritance, physical condition: The length of eyebrows is related to many factors, such as family genetics and physical condition Wait, under normal circumstances, the physical condition is better, the speed of hair loss will be faster, and the chance of growing eyebrows will be less. If the parents have long eyebrows, then the chance of having long eyebrows will be higher.

2. Endocrine factors: The health of the human body is affected by many factors, and the hormone level in the body is the most important one. Endocrine is not only It will affect the normal metabolic rate of internal organs, and also affect the growth of hair. If you find that your eyebrows suddenly grow longer, it may be due to disordered hormone levels, which can easily stimulate hair growth.

3. Metabolic speed: the growth of eyebrows and the metabolism of the body The speed has a certain relationship. If the metabolic rate of the body remains normal, under better conditions, the metabolic rate of the eyebrows will be relatively fast, and it is not easy to have long eyebrows. fall off.

4. Diet or lifestyle: There are many unhealthy factors in the current lifestyle. These factors may have a certain impact on health. Drugs containing hormones may easily cause an abnormal increase in the content of certain hormones, causing the eyebrows to grow suddenly. If the symptoms are caused by such factors, you need to change your bad eating habits in time.


What effect does good-looking eyebrows have on a person’s face?

1. Eye protection: Human eyebrows can protect the eyes, but eyebrows have During the growth period, it will fall off naturally after a period of time.

2. Prevent liquid from entering the eyes: eyebrows can also prevent liquid from entering the eyes, allowing water droplets to stay along the sides of the face without letting Water droplets run into the eyes.

3. Block dust: eyebrows can also block dandruff or other fine dust, preventing these bacteria or stains from entering the eyes, thus damaging the eyes play a protective role.

4. Auxiliary function: eyebrows are in communicationIt also has a certain auxiliary effect when people are shocked, for example, people may raise their eyebrows when they are shocked, and they may frown when they are angry.

5. Reflect health problems: If the eyebrows are thick, it can reflect that the person is very healthy, which shows that the eyebrows are gradually recovering.

6. Protective effect: The eyebrows that grow above the eyes have a good protective effect on the eyes. Are the eyebrows the “guards” of the eyes? , is a natural barrier for the eyes, which can prevent dust and foreign objects falling from the top of the eyes.

7. Has the function of beauty and expression: eyebrows occupy an important position on the face, have the function of beauty and expression management, and can enrich people’s face Expression, the stretching and retracting of strong eyebrows, raising and drooping, can reflect the complex inner activities of people such as joy, anger, sorrow and joy. Impressions play an absolute role.


What is the saying “A long eyebrow is better than ten thousand dan grains”? What does it mean for eyebrows to grow longer after the age of 50

“A long eyebrow is better than ten thousand tons of food” Literally, it means that the eyebrows are heavy. If one is particularly long, or is worth more than 10,000 dans of grain, the older generation thinks that eyebrows are blessed and a sign of longevity.

More than 80% of the long-lived elderly in longevity villages in my country have long eyebrows. When we watch TV, we can also find many gods of wealth Grandpa or Shouxinggong, they have long eyebrows, and they smile naively and very kindly. Eyebrows are the representative of longevity.

Once there was a newspaper for the elderly that made the eyebrows of the long-lived old man After an in-depth investigation, among nearly 500 long-lived elderly people, it was found that more than 56% of the elderly had long eyebrows. , This is also the origin and explanation of the saying that one eyebrow is better than ten thousand dan grains.


What it means to have longer eyebrows after the age of 50

The eyebrows of men grow longer after the age of 50, which means the following situations:

1. Aging: After the age of 50, eyebrows become longer, which means aging. Generally speaking, the renewal cycle of eyebrows is 3-4 months. Some people think that Eyebrows are immutable, that’s just wrong. It’s like eyebrows that fall out and then grow back.

2. Eating habits: After the age of 50, men usually like to eat meat, and rarely eat vegetables and fruits. Stimulate the secretion of hormones in the body, resulting in vigorous growth of eyebrows and gradually become longer.

3. Hormone changes: If the androgen secretion of a 50-year-old man is too strong, his eyebrows, hair, etc. It will gradually become longer and the masculine features will be very prominent.

It is recommended that men after the age of 50, in order to be healthy, it is recommended to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, pay attention to A light diet helps to delay aging and maintain a good physical condition.