There are elderly people at home, pay attention, throw away these five things at home immediately! It’s not superstition, beware

There are elderly people in the family, pay attention, throw away these five things at home immediately! It’s not a superstition, but beware that the gains outweigh the losses. The elderly in today’s era basically come from the old era. Therefore, many elderly people have the traditional Chinese virtue: frugality; when many elderly people are outside, they see something or something that can no longer be used at home, and the elderly will take it home or pack it up, for fear of a little waste ; this is a good thing. But there is also a certain risk, that is, it will cause harm to the body, because some things are harmful substances.

1. Cheap clothes

A lot of roads The side stalls will sell some very cheap clothes. Many elderly people will buy them when they see that the price is cheap and they can also be worn by themselves or their family members. Some even buy several at a time. But can these cheap clothes meet the relevant safety requirements during the production process? These cheap clothes generally carry a lot of bacteria and even viruses. Moreover, some clothes of poor quality contain a large amount of substances that are harmful to the body. Wearing such clothes on the body can make the body itchy, or cause dermatitis, or cause various diseases and complications in the body.

2. Reading glasses

Many elderly people have reached a certain age , will suffer from presbyopia and need to be equipped with corresponding reading glasses, but the elderly are generally reluctant to spend money. You know, it costs hundreds of dollars to replace a pair of reading glasses in an optical shop now, and more than that. Therefore, many elderly people will choose reading glasses sold by roadside vendors. The reading glasses sold by small vendors are generally untested, and the quality of the lenses is particularly bad. If the elderly buy this kind of reading glasses with poor quality and cheap price, not only the presbyopia will not be improved, but will also worsen. Presbyopia can even cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and eye discomfort. Some poor-quality reading glasses can not only make the elderly suffer from these bad symptoms, but also make the elderly suffer from myopia, which is not worth the candle.

3. Cheap porcelain bowls

We often see roadside stalls There are many porcelain bowls and plates for eating or serving dishes. They are all very beautiful and cheap, and many people will buy them; especially the elderly, they will be tempted by such beautiful and cheap porcelain bowls and plates.

Some elderly people buy in large quantities under the tricks of small vendors, and the elderly think they have picked up a big deal, but they don’t know that these cheap porcelain bowls and plates contain many harmful substances to the body. Eating from these porcelain bowls and using these plates to serve dishes will cause the body to suffer from different degrees of disease.

4. Food that is about to expire

Many supermarkets or stores sell food that is about to expire Go, will attract users with low prices. For example, milk that is about to expire, beverages, and other snacks. These snacks that are about to expire are often very low in price, and there are also activities for buying a few and getting a few free. In order to save money, many elderly people will buy a large amount of these foods that are about to expire. If they eat these foods that are about to expire, they will easily have diarrhea when they are young. Some people will also cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Injuries, especially some elderly people, are suffering from diseases in their own bodies, and eating these foods that are about to expire will aggravate the disease.

5. PE plastic bag

This is a very common bag. and alsoIt is very convenient to hold a lot of things. Therefore, many elderly people like to use them. When they go to the supermarket, they always take a few more shopping bags home. In fact, this kind of plastic bag in the supermarket cannot hold some food, especially the food that has been opened or opened; because these plastic bags in the supermarket are made of PE material, it is also harmful to the body, if you put food in these bags , can also cause harm to the body. Plastic bags contain plasticizers. If you put food in the bag for a long time, especially in the refrigerator, these plasticizers will stick to the food through the air. Eating these foods will definitely affect your body. is harmful.

Many elderly people are used to frugality all their lives, and they are reluctant to waste a little things. When they see cheap things, they think about buying more to save money. Money; although it is good to do this, these cheap things often bring great harm to the body. If there are elderly people in the family, we need to pay more attention. It is a good thing to be frugal, but if you do harm to your body because of thrift, it will not be worth the candle.