Remind everyone: Many people are wrong about the habit that is more “injurious” than dieting, and early understanding and early benefit

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the choice of diet is becoming more and more abundant. Still, some eating habits are ingrained in our beliefs and behaviors. As everyone knows, some long-standing traditional eating habits do not have much benefit, but may bring additional burden to the body.


Southerners like to eat rice, and northerners like to eat noodles. Everyone has become accustomed to it. Going to the supermarket, you can see the words “fine flour, rice” everywhere. It seems that there is nothing wrong with it, but after research, experts have come to the conclusion that “a long-term diet based on refined carbohydrates is not good for the long-term development of the body.” As soon as it came out, there were different praises and criticisms. So what exactly does this mean? Let’s take a look together.

What are “refined carbohydrates”?

Note that “refined carbohydrates” are mentioned here, which refers to finely processed rice, noodles and their derivative foods, the most typical ones are noodles, rice, bread, biscuits, etc. etc. These are the deep processing of grains and wheat, and the germs and other things in the grains are removed, and the nutrients in them are also greatly lost.

After losing the main nutrition of grains, basically only starch remains, long-term large intake of starch will bring unnecessary stress to the body burden. But then again, starch is the bottom of the “food pyramid” and an indispensable substance in the diet. Therefore, we must learn to master it, and eat it with whole grains, or choose natural grains.

The impact of long-term use of “refined carbohydrates”

1. Gain weight

You must know that refined carbohydrates basically only have starch, and almost no other nutrients. Long-term consumption of large amounts of blood sugar in the body will rise rapidly. In order to lower blood sugar itself, in addition to some blood sugar being converted into glycogen, it is very easy to cause fat accumulation.

Not only that, refined carbon will also release the body’s energy very quickly, so that the body’s “battery” time will be shortened It will become shorter, so this is why even after eating a lot of refined rice noodles, you will still feel hungry soon. When you are hungry, you will naturally continue to eat, so gaining weight repeatedly becomes a natural thing.

2. Fatigue and fatigue

The human body is a huge and complex system , requires a variety of nutrients to maintain normal operation. However, the refined carbohydrates that have been deeply processed basically only have energy left, and long-term consumption cannot meet the needs of the body, which will cause some functions in the body to “stop moving”, so people will feel various discomforts such as weakness in limbs and fatigue.

Unprocessed grains are rich in natural minerals and vitamins, which can effectively regulate the state of the human body and maintain a balanced state.

Some people say that refined carbohydrates are “negative nutrition”. In fact, it is not entirely true. It is also one of the nutrients the body needs, but if you want to maintain a good In order to improve the physical condition, it is necessary to eat in moderation and match with whole grains, especially the following natural ingredients, which are beneficial to the body.

1. Black beans

As the saying goes, “Every black must be nourished”. In Chinese medicine, the five viscera correspond to the five colors, and the part corresponding to black is the most critical kidney in the body. People often say that “the kidney is the foundation of innateness”. The quality of black beans directly affects the stability of the whole state of the human body, so as the “king of beans”, black beans are the best “gift” of nature.


More than that, Sanchuangui Black Soybean Milk Powder In order to better meet the needs of the human body, it abandons a single raw material The method is to scientifically match black rice with grains on the basis of black beans for a “strong combination”, and the nutrition is very comprehensive. Regardless of the small bag, one cup can satisfy the daily grain nutrition needed by the body, which is really rare.

Summary: For the long-term development of the body, the eating habit of “never tire of eating fine food and not tire of fine food” is no longer suitable for people to use. We should “return to basics” and eat more whole grains in our diet to maintain a comprehensive intake of nutrients. Good health is the basis for enjoying a happy life.