No matter what kind of meat you fry, keep these 4 tips in mind, the fried meat will be fragrant, tender and tasty

Pork, a very nutritious meat food, also has an excellent taste. It tastes really good. Pork is suitable for a variety of cooking methods. My personal favorite is Stir-frying, I feel that the fried pork tastes very good, it tastes delicious!

However, although fried pork is good, it is not easy to make, because the requirements for the heat of fried pork are too high, and the pork fried by many people is actually not tender enough. This is all because you do not have a good grasp of the skills. Next, I will tell you that no matter what kind of meat you fry, keep these 4 tips in mind. The fried meat will be fragrant, tender and tasty.

First of all, the first technique is to cut the meat. The meat should not be cut too casually. It should be cut according to the stripes and tissues of the meat. Generally, pork is cut along the texture, so that the taste will be fresh and tender. This technique is very special. Practical, but generally ignored, friends who don’t know it, please write it down!

The second technique is to marinate. It is recommended not to use salt when marinating. Many people think that this can add a base flavor in advance. In fact, this is not the correct operation. Salt and After the meat is combined, a large amount of water will be precipitated, resulting in a poor taste of the meat. It is best to marinate it with oyster sauce or beer, so as to maintain the freshness.

Then, we add some egg white, raw powder, beer, etc. to the marinated pork. After stirring, the meat will become more tender and smooth, especially for cooking dishes such as iron plate meat. Don’t miss it, the taste of the dishes has definitely improved by more than one level!

The last trick is to put the meat in a hot pot with cold oil, fry the meat until it is broken, and then take it out, and then fry other side dishes. After the frying is almost done, let’s Put the meat back into the pot and stir-fry, and then add some seasonings to taste, so that the dishes can be delicious. Do not stir-fry directly, otherwise the meat will easily become stale.

The above is all the content shared today. It may not be very gorgeous, but it is definitely very practical. I hope you like it.