Zhanxian Wine Industry will meet you at the 2022 China Time-honored Traditional Brand Cultural Festival

Yesterday, the three-day Xiamen traditional time-honored brand culture exhibition came to a successful conclusion. There are nearly 150 booths and more than 200 brands participating in the exhibition. Under the epidemic situation, it is rare to have a large-scale exhibition. There are an endless stream of tourists and the scene is very lively.

Fujian Zhanxian Wine Industry also participated in this exhibition, Zhanxianjiao The wine is carefully brewed by Fujian winemaker Zhao Jingqiu. From 2012 to 2015, the 53-degree Zhanxianjiao wine brewed by Zhao Jingqiu’s team won the “Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Five Provinces and One City Liquor Evaluation Conference” for four consecutive years. Gold Award; in 2015, won the Fujian Province Business Tourism Wedding Recommended Wine Gold Award; in 2017, won the title of “Top 100 Best Companion Gifts” in Fujian Province; and has multiple patent authorizations, one of which is an invention patent, known as Songxi’s “Fourth Treasure” “.

In this exhibition, Zhanxianjiao wine brings sea wine and ancient wine , banquets, treasures, puree and other products made a wonderful appearance. “The aroma of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley”. very strong drink It doesn’t taste too spicy”, “Ah~ good wine”, “This wine is good, it’s very refreshing after drinking, and I will recommend it to good friends”, these are the comments given by the guests who tasted our wine at the exhibition. Guests who come to enjoy the fine wine enjoy the excellent experience brought by fine wine to the taste buds, while listening to our staff explain our wine making knowledge, so that everyone can feel the charm of Zhanxian’s brand and learn more about the story behind Zhanxian .

In addition to wine tasting at the booth, in order to enhance the effect of product publicity, Zhanxianjiao wine also A one-yuan auction was held, hosted by our company Mr. Sun Xianming and Ms. Liang Xihong. Although the auction lasted only 20 minutes, everyone was enthusiastic and bids came one after another. “I offer 11”, “I am 21!”, “I offer 51!” “51 yuan for the first time, is there a higher one? 51 yuan for the second time, 51 yuan for the third time, deal!” With the sound of the auction host, bottles of fine wine were collected by everyone. After a while, the 6 bottles of fine wine we brought were taken home by everyone. After the limited-time auction ended, many people were still unsatisfied and wanted to buy a few more bottles.

“Wine with a bosom friend is less than a thousand cups”, hospitality has always been a fine tradition of our Chinese , in the short three-day exhibition, we also met many good friends, and hope to have further exchanges in the future. Zhanxianjiao Liquor also hopes that through this exhibition, more people can get to know Zhanxian, enhance the popularity of Zhanxian in Fujian, and let more people drink Zhanxian’s fine wine!