Beiyuan Street takes multiple measures to tighten the “safety valve” to prevent carbon monoxide in winter

Weifang Financial News from Weifang Daily In order to ensure the safety and warmth of the masses through the winter and effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents such as carbon monoxide poisoning, Beiyuan Street focuses on key links, insists on high-level deployment, comprehensive investigation, and extensive publicity , Take multiple measures and continue to carry out special actions to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and tighten the “safety valve” in winter.

Attach great importance and comprehensively deploy

The street strictly implements the relevant requirements of the superior, and convenes the leaders of all communities to conscientiously implement the spirit of the urban carbon monoxide poisoning prevention work conference, Make specific arrangements for the prevention and control of carbon monoxide this winter and next spring. All communities are required to take heating safety in winter as an important part of the current security work, so as to improve awareness, implement measures, and intensify efforts to effectively prevent and resolve safety risks and eliminate hidden safety hazards.

Increase publicity and enhance awareness of prevention

According to the principle of “no one household, one person”, use various resources to carry out all-round publicity and mobilization through online and offline channels. On-line, through WeChat groups, public accounts, video accounts, etc., publicize knowledge about the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning; off-line, by hanging publicity banners and warning signs in key areas of the jurisdiction, street cadres and grid staff visit households, on-site Answer questions and other methods to comprehensively strengthen the awareness of safe heating and prevention of the people in the jurisdiction. At the same time, carbon monoxide prevention publicity cards were distributed at the entrance of odd-worker inns, and concentrated publicity and education were conducted for special groups of migrant workers.

Visit entry

All community jurisdictions are required to focus on key groups such as the lonely elderly, living alone, demented, and people with audio-visual impairments, and community workers and grid members will “knock on the door” at regular intervals. At the same time of caring and condolences, go to the house to check the heating situation of the residents, explain face to face, emphasizing the correct use of stoves and gas and safety precautions, strictly implement the “who is responsible for the investigation” system, find problems, rectify them on the spot, and strictly ensure that the area under the jurisdiction The masses are warm and safe through the winter.

Next, Beiyuan Street will Continue to increase the intensity of publicity and education on the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning, deepen the investigation of hidden safety hazards, and promptly and properly deal with the problems found, so as to prevent accidents and effectively protect the safety of people’s lives and property in the jurisdiction.

(The pictures are all provided by Beiyuan Sub-district)

All media reporter of Weifang Daily: Liu Nan/text