Linqu has firmly established the “safety fence” in the field of urban management in all aspects

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial MediaIn order to effectively protect the lives and health of the masses, the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Linqu County has always adhered to the principle of “people first, The concept of “life first”, adhere to the principle of safety in production and epidemic prevention and control, compact work responsibilities, conscientiously perform duties, implement various work measures strictly and meticulously, and comprehensively strengthen the “safety fence” in the field of urban management. Good conditions have been created for high-quality local development.

Strengthen the management of muck transportation

Keep “safety on the road”

Focus on strengthening the safety management at the source, regularly hold meetings of heads of muck transportation companies, implement the responsibilities of corporate legal persons and drivers, carry out safety education and training, and urge companies to strengthen internal management and implement standardized transportation Requirements, effectively enhance the safety production, understanding and law-abiding awareness of employees, and improve the standardization of transportation management from the source. Strengthen road law enforcement inspections, formulate night law enforcement schedules, carry out joint law enforcement operations with public security traffic police and traffic departments, carry out night joint night inspections once or twice a week, adopt the “watching + inspection” model, and increase the security of vehicles. Control and control violations such as cleanliness, lax coverage, spilling, dripping, and overloading to ensure safe and orderly transportation of muck.

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Carry out outdoor advertising investigation

Ensure “safety above the head”

In order to prevent problems such as outdoor advertisements, store signs falling, and crooked caused by extreme weather, combined with the daily inspections of urban management, we organized a one-by-one inspection of outdoor advertising plaques in the urban area, and checked loose, rusted, old, damaged, etc. Problems, timely urge property owners to reinforce or renew, and remove severely damaged plaques to effectively eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure residents’ “safety above their heads.” Establish a management account for column advertisements and large-scale wall advertisements in the county, adopt the method of grouping members of the team, carry out regular dragnet inspections, and implement the main responsibilities of towns, streets, and property rights units for problems found in the inspections, and carry out timely rectification. Ensure the safety of outdoor advertising facilities.

Grasp the epidemic prevention and control

Block the “invisible risks”

The Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Linqu County earnestly implements relevant decision-making arrangements for epidemic prevention and control at all levels, and implements various measures for epidemic prevention and control in the field of urban management. Reasonable deployment and control of law enforcement forces, increase inspections of crowded places such as convenience markets, merchants along the streets, large supermarkets, and schools, and adopt a combination of solidified duty and continuous inspections on the basis of grasping the order of the urban appearance and order , assist in controlling entry and exit, publicize epidemic prevention knowledge, prevent people from gathering, guide businesses to strictly abide by epidemic prevention requirements, implement various epidemic prevention and control measures such as inspection of “double codes”, “one-meter noodles”, personnel registration, and environmental disinfection. Merchants’ awareness of epidemic prevention and control. Integrating urban management into community work, set up an urban management volunteer service team of more than 50 people, organize law enforcement personnel to “sink into the community”, and cooperate with the community to do nucleic acid testing, epidemic prevention publicity, order maintenance, personnel control, and community on-duty, etc., to jointly build an epidemic prevention and control system. Control safety barriers to protect people’s life safety and health to the greatest extent.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: He Deliang/Wen Tu

Correspondent: Tan Jinhua