Activate the green emergency channel to rescue critically ill patients involved in the epidemic

Recently, the number of new cases of the epidemic in Beijing has continued to increase at a high level, and the prevention and control work in the capital is at the most critical and urgent moment. As “the door that can never be closed”, the Emergency Department of Guang’anmen Hospital is prepared to respond to the emergency and critically ill patients involved in the epidemic at any time, ensuring that the greenway of life is always open.

On the evening of November 23, Ms. Wang, who was in home isolation due to the closure of the community, suddenly developed dizziness and headache, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, unsteady gait and other symptoms, and was in critical condition. In urgent need of hospitalization. Our hospital received the notification from the community and immediately started the emergency admission process for epidemic-related patients, transferred and resettled the waiting patients, cleared the diagnosis and treatment channels, upgraded personnel protection, and prepared for the negative pressure isolation observation room.

On-duty doctors and nurses in the emergency department and 120 staff hand over the patient

The patient’s blood pressure is 185/95mmHg, After preliminary examination, hypertensive encephalopathy was considered, and treatment such as monitoring, blood pressure reduction and dehydration was given immediately. At the same time, the radiology department was contacted to open a green channel for emergency transfer, and the patient underwent head CT examination to rule out acute cerebrovascular disease. After a series of active treatment, the patient’s blood pressure dropped, his vital signs were stable, his symptoms improved significantly, and his life was out of danger.

Transfer patients for examination

As one of the treatment hospitals in the “Beijing Stroke Emergency Map”, our hospital focuses on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and medical treatment on the other hand, and continues to improve the emergency treatment plans and procedures for emergency and critically ill patients involved in the epidemic, and strictly implements them. The responsibility system for the first diagnosis and the emergency rescue system for critically ill patients have smoothed the access to medical treatment for people at risk of the epidemic, fully met the needs of the people for medical treatment during the epidemic, and contributed the power of traditional Chinese medicine to the prevention and control of the epidemic!