Before a beggar froze to death, he wrote a heroic death poem, making countless scholars and officials ashamed

When it comes to poetry, I believe everyone is familiar with it. In modern society, we often recite some famous sentences that have been around for a long time. So even if you don’t know how to write poetry, you can recite a few familiar verses in your spare time, adding a bit of poetry to your boring life.

However, in ancient times, people’s cultural popularity was far less extensive than in today’s era. So we generally believe that in ancient times, most of the people who had leisure and elegance to write poems to express their emotions belonged to dignitaries. No matter how bad it is, it is a reader who does not need to worry about filling his stomach and has enough time and energy.

The protagonist we are going to talk about today has subverted the previous cognition. He was a destitute beggar in the Jiajing period of the Qing Dynasty, but before he died, he wrote a heroic death poem. When the literati read this poem, they all felt ashamed. What’s going on here?

01Origin of Poem

In fact, the emergence of early poetry originated from labor activities. At that time, people were in a situation of double deprivation of material life and spiritual life. The people at the bottom work hard for the delivery of three meals almost every day. Only poetry, at no cost, provides a strong spiritual sustenance for everyone.

During labor, everyone shouted rhythmically to relieve themselves. Tiredness, and getting everyone’s movements coordinated. Over time, this rhythmic trumpet sound gradually developed into the poetry of later generations.

Poetry officially became a language carrier in the pre-Qin period, and its function was mainly to Express emotions, express aspirations, and inherit culture. Guan Ju, well-known to later generations, is a classic poem in the Qin Dynasty.

And most of the poems of the Qin Dynasty are It comes from rural folk songs, and was later written by Confucius and called it “The Book of Songs”. Since then, poetry has gradually become popular in society, and it has also ushered in rapid development.

02The Development of Poetry

During the Han Dynasty, the language form of poetry had undergone great changes, mainly represented by four characters, five characters and seven characters. In terms of external performance, combined with the rhythm, the unique “Yuefu Poetry” of the Han Dynasty is formed, the most famous of which is “The Peacock Flying Southeast”, which is almost a household name.

If poetry was presented in a gentle and graceful state before the Han Dynasty, then in the Tang Dynasty, it was It turned into a rushing river, majestic and ambitious. This just proves that the development of poetry has reached its peak in the Tang Dynasty.

After the decline of the Tang Dynasty, poetry It also gradually went downhill. In the Ming Dynasty, due to the imperial examination system of the imperial court, in order to become officials in the imperial court, they shifted their attention from studying poetry and songs to the Baguwen, and their thoughts were strictly limited to a narrow space.

When food and clothing become the top priority, those icing on the cake will be neglected. It was during this period that poetry gradually changed from the words of the public to the words of the scholars. It wasn’t until the Qing Dynasty that the situation improved.

03Immortal Verse

< strong>It is said that such a strange thing happened during the Jiajing period of the Qing Dynasty. In the place of Yongjia, Zhejiang, an unnamed beggar appeared. Before his death, he left a desperate poem, which shocked the government and the public.

The Yongjia area at that time, It is facing a cold weather that has never been seen in a century. Due to the limited living conditions of the people at that time, many people lost their lives in the severe cold. But among those who lost their lives, a beggar caught the attention of the officials.

In that period, it was not surprising that beggars froze to death on the streets, but when people When disposing of the corpse, he found a note tightly clenched in his hand.

According to the faint handwriting on the note, the corpse collector found that it was a poem:

span>“My life is like a gull on water, and I follow the wind and waves to Nanzhou. The sun and the moon are in full bloom. When the food comes to eat, why should the yellow dog bark endlessly.”

The corpse collector was moved by the content of this poem. In the end, the matter was reported to the local government. People in the government were shocked when they saw the note, thinking that the person who could write this poem must be very talented, so they went to check his identity non-stop.

Unfortunately, after many investigations, we only know that this beggar is from Yongjia, except Nothing more than that. Out of respect for the talented people,the government decided to bury the beggar with a good life and wrote the inscription “The Tomb of the Poetry Beggar in Yongjia”.


This poem by the beggar expresses that his whole life was in a state of displacement. But despite such misery, he still faced the autumn wind and sang songs to entertain himself.

This lets us see that he In the face of tragic life, an optimistic attitude. It can’t help but remind people of the poem “A thousand sails pass by the side of a sinking boat, and a thousand trees spring in front of a sick tree” in Liu Yuxi’s “Rewarding the Happy Days in Yangzhou at the First Meeting at the Banquet”. They also express the open-mindedness of life when encountering difficulties.

At the same time, the poems of beggars also remind us that hardships can only destroy the body, but cannot contain them strong spirit. And the back of the poem says that this beggar has tasted all the hardships in the world, and he has no nostalgia for the world, and his arrogance of not eating the food that comes, in exchange for non-stop. Incessant barking.

The identity of the beggar is a mystery after all, but these are not important, it is possible to write such a poetic poem , he is no longer a beggar in people’s hearts.


Nowadays, our living conditions are getting more and more favorable, which has also caused many people to lose their lofty aspirations. It is hard to imagine what kind of state we would be in if we were in the situation of beggars at that time. Whether everyone can be like a beggar, even if the world kisses me with pain, I will treat it with a song in return.

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