Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi? From princes and generals, Xiangning has a seed, to after looking for ancestors and relying on famous people

It is best to run a non-black race 100 meters The famous Chinese player Su Bingtian has recently been exposed to the news that he is a descendant of Su Shi.

However, Su Bingtian himself never mentioned this, but some people said that he once worshipped the ancestor of Su Shi in the ancestral hall with his clansmen-so, some people joked: Perhaps, Su Bingtian is the last one. Someone who knows that he is after Su Shi, right?

Therefore, this hot search itself has nothing to do with Su Bingtian himself – it is just a hot spot that related people, or some good people, and people who love Internet hot spots. That’s it.

However, this kind of people who are keen to find their ancestors and recognize their relatives and celebrities. In fact, the upsurge has already existed in history – although there have been periods of “broken pieces” in history, for example, when they shouted “the princes and generals will have a seed”; The trend of looking for relatives and celebrities as ancestors has temporarily lowered a lot.

After the reform and opening up, this kind of family tree traceability, especially after emphasizing that one is a historical celebrity, has revived. Among them, there have been some so-called “royal family and noble family” genealogy fever. And it is especially manifested in the latest names of the descendants of the Qing Dynasty – such as the return of surnames such as “Aisin Gioro”, which is an obvious example.

In fact, due to the long history, in the inheritance and continuation of the genealogy of the Chinese people, except for the genealogy of the descendants of Confucius, which is more reliable, other genealogies are somewhat “broken” or confusing – although We cannot deny that Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi, but how credible is it? It’s hard to tell for a while.

As a country or nation with a certain cultural and historical development, people are It is also a major feature of ethnic culture to have the thinking of tracing back and continuing the lineage – this is exactly the answer to the ultimate human concern of “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go?” , From this point of view, whether it is Su Bingtian, or Chen Xiaoer and Wang Ergou, they all want to find their own lineage inheritance, which is understandable and worthy of affirmation.

Of course, in the process of pursuing and continuing the inheritance of genealogy, it is obvious that celebrities are the protagonists! ——Only famous people will be mentioned, just like the people with the surname “Su”, there are ancient Su Shi, and now Su Bingtian, and hundreds of people such as Zhao Qiansun Li, Zhou Wu Zheng Wang and Su among all the living beings. Ordinary people in the surname will obviously disappear in the long river of history.

In history, there has been a “Prince and General Xiang Ning You” The slogan of “Growing Hustle” is a progressive thought that ordinary people want to be remembered in history and become masters of history. Of course, driven by this thought, Chen Sheng and Wu Guang also naturally became historical celebrities in the end. People will also be proud of the ancestors of such celebrities, which obviously falls into the thinking of “celebrities are the protagonists in the ancestral tree”.

Most people probably want to be a “celebrity” of one kind or another, and it is a kind of “mainstream pursuit” of generation after generation, which is also in line with the real status quo of human nature. Another annotation of “make life the best”; of course, with the progress of society and human beings, in the real society where ordinary people will always be the majority, there are actually more and more people who do not pursue this kind of fame and history. The goal of being an ordinary person, and being willing to be an ordinary person—the idea of ​​an ordinary person that “just want to be yourself” is also worthy of respect and a high look.

Of course we should be happy with our famous ancestors, but In fact, we should be even more proud that we are the descendants of the Yellow Emperor! ——Whether our surname is Su or anything else, it has been traced back to our ancestors. Obviously, in the end, we all have a common national origin: the Chinese nation! When we all look at it this way, it is enough for everyone to proudly say: returning to the source of history, we are all relatives of the same ancestor! [Original comment: Yu said it’s still off]