Scholars deny that “Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi”: if there is, it is all newly compiled

August 10th, a netizen uploaded a photo of a Suzhou-style ancestral hall in a certain place, which recorded that Su Bingtian was the son of Su Shi, a famous poet in the Northern Song Dynasty. Twenty-nine generations of grandchildren, and then, “Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi” rushed to the hot search.

According to The reporter contacted Su Bingtian’s hometown of Guyi Village in Zhongshan, Guangdong. The staff of the village committee said that they “did not know whether Su Bingtian was a descendant of Su Shi.”


Liu Qingquan, Director of Research Office of Sansu Culture Research Institute in Meishan City, Sichuan and Deputy Secretary General of China Su Shi Research Society, said , “I don’t think so. If there is, they are all newly compiled.”

According to Red Star News, Zhou Yukai, president of the China Su Shi Research Society, said that through the understanding of the society, There are many people who claim to be descendants of Su Shi, and those who have Su Shi’s genealogy. There are different opinions. “I don’t know whether Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi.”

And check Su Bingtian’s social media, he also He never mentioned that he was a descendant of Su Shi.

Public information shows: Su Bingtian, male, Han nationality, born on August 29, 1989 in Guyi Village, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Guangfu native, Chinese male sprinter, associate professor of the School of Physical Education of Jinan University, master’s degree Graduate tutor, 2017 Master of International Economics and Trade of Jinan University, Ph.D. of Physical Training College of Beijing Sport University.

[Source: Jiupai News Comprehensive Oriental Net, Red Star News]

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