Autumn harvest and soil protection are synchronized, black land eats “nutritious meals”

News from CCTV: Northeast China is the main production area of ​​autumn grain in my country, where precious arable land resource – black soil is distributed. At present, the autumn grain harvest in Northeast China has ended. Right now, growers are taking a number of protective operations to improve the quality of cultivated land in black soil and lay the foundation for cultivation in the coming year.

Lishu County, Jilin Province is the main producing area of ​​high-quality corn in my country. Wang Yu, a large grain grower, told reporters that this year his family’s 5,500-mu field has increased production after adopting the strip farming technique of covering the field with straw.

This year, the area of ​​conservation tillage promotion in Jilin Province reached 30.5 million mu. In 2021, the yield per mu of the super-high-yield corn field in the “Pear Tree Model” R&D base will reach 1,077 kilograms, setting a record for high yield in Northeast China.

In Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang, after the autumn harvest, major grain growers still have an important task this year , is to carry out deep plowing and returning of straw to the field. This requires the use of a high-powered land preparation machine to drive the straw into the ground, and the plowing depth is uniformly about 30 cm. Jin Liguo told reporters that after the first deep loosening and land preparation last winter, his family’s rice yield per mu this year has increased by about 100 catties compared with last year.

At present, Heilongjiang Province has completed more than 125 million mu of land preparation in autumn. Through subsoiling and deep plowing, and returning straw to the field to fertilize the soil, it will lay the foundation for agricultural production in the coming year.

Since my country implemented the Northeast Black Soil Conservative Cultivation Action Plan in 2020, the four northeastern provinces have A total of 201 million mu of conservation tillage has been implemented in 223 project implementation counties, and the area implemented this year has reached 83 million mu.

Source: CCTV