10 micro-novels about parents, which made people cry after reading them!

< span>Sometimes, there are some things that we really wish we knew when we were young, for example: the love of our parents.

Bad Dad

Dad: Son, do you think Dad is strong?

Son: Yes.

Dad: Do you think Shaolin Kungfu is good?

Son: Awesome.

Dad: If I shave my head bald, can I practice Shaolin Kung Fu?

Son clapping hands: Great.

The next day, the son saw the bald father and said happily: Dad, come on, you must practice well master.

That day was the day before Dad’s chemotherapy.

Can you take me with you

I am a child of a single-parent family and have always lived with my mother. My mother is usually busy with work, so she can only see me at night every day.

One day in the middle of the night, friends and friends asked me to go out to play. Before going out, my mother stood aside and watched the shoes changing I quietly asked:

“Can you… take me with you?”

When the nose was sour, tears immediately flowed down.

Cooking for daughter

< span>Dad was seriously ill once, and he lay on the bed for more than half a month without waking up. Then he woke up suddenly one afternoon. When he woke up, his mouth kept moving. Mom put her ear close and said to him: “Slow down Say, I’m listening.”

The father said weakly: “Daughter should come home from school, you Go and cook the meal…”

Father under the wall

A friend was addicted to the Internet when he was in high school, and he often jumped over the wall and went out of school to surf the Internet in the middle of the night.

One day he climbed over the wall as usual, halfway through the wall, he ran back with a strange expression, asked Silent. From then on, he studied hard and stopped surfing the Internet. The school rumored that he had seen a ghost.

Later he was admitted to a prestigious school, and his former classmates asked about it, he was silent for a long time and said that that day his father came to see him off For living expenses, I was reluctant to stay in a hotel, so I sat under the wall all night.

When I miss you

My mother said: “When I miss you, I go shopping alone, imagining what those beautiful clothes look like on my daughter, so that I can Happy.”

Parents are here, not traveling far

In the past, I didn’t like the saying “Parents are here, don’t travel far”.

Twenty and thirty years old are the best years of life, not to travel far and wide to do a career, not to travel to the mountains and rivers to embrace the world, but just to accompany your parents to be happy, and go back to the door to do a stable and ordinary job Putting aside work, poetry and distant places, this is not a naked moral kidnapping, what is it?

Later, I got married, Only then did I realize that there are some things that I cannot understand when I am young. When I understand, I am no longer young.

I do not understand foreign languages

Inside the phone: “This is a wrong number. Please check up and take the telephone number again…”

Outside the phone: “Child, why do you say Foreign language, mom can’t understand, but mom misses you…”

Mom has no father


Grandpa passed away, because my mother didn’t grow up with him, so the relationship with him is not Very good.

After calmly dealing with the funeral, when she came back at night, she fell down on the bed and sobbed: ” Daughter, do you know that my mother has no father…”

I suddenly feel extremely sad.

Hand in hand

Dad likes to ask me to go grocery shopping with him, and when I meet someone selling fruit or something, I just ask him to buy it for me too, and he always leaves his little finger for me to hold.

I lived at my aunt’s house in high school, and once I went home, he asked me to go shopping with him, so I’ll go Behind him, he raised his little finger, just like the way I held him when I was a child, I really couldn’t help it…


I once talked to my parents on the phone , passed for a long time.

About half an hour after I hung up the phone, my mother called back again and asked, “Is there any What’s the matter? Why do you keep moaning, you broke up with that girl?”

I cried! In this world, only parents can hear the child’s inadvertent sigh…


Suddenly remembered a proverb:

< p data-track="49">When the father gave the son something, the son smiled.

When the son gave the father something, the father cried.

When parents are alive, there is still a place to come from in life; Some things in the world can be made up, and some things can never be made up…

May all filial piety belong, Turn waiting into regret.

The content of this article comes from: Shuer Weiban.