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Have you ever had such confusion?

The children at home always blink frequently

I always rub my eyes with my hands

I even have tears

Afraid of the sun, tears, red eyes…

What’s going on?

Is there something wrong with the child’s eyes?

A few days ago

Hebei Children’s Hospital reminded the majority of parents

the child has the above situation

One possibility is

< p>The child has trichiasis

Case review↓↓↓

Qingqing (pseudonym) has a pair of beautiful big eyes, everyone praises her, but she However, he is always unhappy. Because his eyes are afraid of the sun and the wind, he suffers from tears all day long.

Later, my mother took Qingqing to the ophthalmology department of Hebei Children’s Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. During the examination, the doctor found that Qingqing had trichiasis due to inversion of the lower eyelid, causing corneal epithelial abrasion and requiring surgery. Under the treatment of the doctor, Qingqing has been discharged from the hospital successfully recently.

So what exactly is trichiasis?

Why are children prone to trichiasis?

Do I need surgery if I have trichiasis?

Let’s see together

What is trichiasis? What’s the harm?

Trichiasis – refers to the eyelashes that grow upside down on the surface of the cornea, which not only often rubs against the corneal epithelium, causing symptoms such as foreign body sensation, photophobia, and tearing, also causes eye congestion , prone to conjunctivitis, corneal epithelial shedding, and even permanent damage to vision.

Why are children prone to trichiasis?

Trichiasis occurs mainly because the skin of the lower eyelid and the subcutaneous orbicularis muscle tissue are hypertrophic and accumulate in the direction of the eyeball, pushing the eyelashes toward the eyeball. Therefore, obese children , The orbicularis muscle of the eyelid margin is particularly hypertrophic, and it is more likely to form trichiasis.

In addition, congenital epicanthus is also a common cause of trichiasis.

What should I do if my child has trichiasis?

The eyelashes of children under the age of 3 are relatively soft, and the number of trichiasis is small. It is found that the irritation to the cornea and conjunctiva is not serious, and it does not cause obvious corneal epithelial damage. It can be taken temporarily. Treat conservatively and observe.

For children with trichiasis who have mild changes in the corneal epithelium, protective eye drops or ointment can be used to prevent infection and promote corneal epithelial healing.

If the trichiasis is severe, the child needs to undergo trichiasis correction surgery, and the surgery will develop an individualized treatment plan according to the cause of the patient’s trichiasis. ‍

Can trichiasis heal itself?

Generally, it is difficult for trichiasis to heal itself. For example, during the development of infants and young children, because the bridge of the nose has not yet developed, and the skin of the eyelids has not yet developed, there is a very slight inner canthus. Epidermal, with age, the development of the bridge of the nose or facial obesity has been improved, and it can be healed by itself.

But in most cases, if the eyelashes grow completely in an abnormal direction, accompanied by entropion, this is difficult to heal by itself . Therefore, surgery is required for trichiasis caused by inversion of the eyelid.

Can trichiasis be removed?

After long inverted eyelashes, many people will use tweezers to pull out the inverted eyelashes. Although it can be relieved temporarily, the new trichiasis will grow back soon, so it is It cannot be completely solved by itself.

Once the child is found to have trichiasis

go to the hospital as soon as possible

to avoid delays Disease

Affects children’s vision

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