As the saying goes, “one pork belly and ten medicines” mean? What are the benefits of eating pork belly regularly?

Pork belly is the stomach of a pig. It is a very common delicacy in daily life. It can be used to make many dishes, such as hot pot or spicy soup, and Maoxuewang. Pork belly is often seen.

The weather is getting colder and colder. Many people like to order a plate of pork belly when they are cooking hot pot. They think it tastes very delicious. The nutritional value of belly is also very high. It can achieve the effects of antidiarrheal, diuretic, resolving phlegm, relieving cough, clearing heat and reducing swelling, and can also help relieve food accumulation.

Pork belly contains A large amount of vitamin A, vitamin E, protein, fat and various trace elements, protein and other nutrients are also easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, which is a nourishing product in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine.

It is recorded in “Ben Cao Jing Shu” that if you want to nourish your body, you might as well eat more pork belly,< /span>Pork belly can fully replenish the spleen and stomach, regulate the balance of qi and blood, and relieve physical fatigue. It is a food with the same source of medicine and food.

There is a folk saying “one pork belly has ten medicines”, so the nutrition of pork belly Is the value really higher than 10 sub-drugs?


What does the saying “one pork belly ten medicines” mean?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, pork belly is flat and sweet, which can nourish the stomach and regulate the body. For humans, regular consumption of pork belly can activate the body’s resistance and immunity.

From a nutritional point of view, pork belly is not high in calories, 100 grams of pork belly contains 5.1 grams of fat , 160 mg of cholesterol, 12.5 grams of protein, compared with other parts of pigs, the cholesterol content of pork belly is low, especially suitable for people with three highs, and people who lose weight can also eat a little bit.

The nutritional value of pork belly cannot be ignored, but it is a bit exaggerated to say that one pork belly has ten medicines, mainly in In the past, the standard of living was relatively low, and all kinds of materials were relatively scarce, especially the medical level was relatively backward, so some diet therapy methods were often used, but this statement is just a metaphor, with a little exaggeration.

Of course, drinking pork belly soup in normal times can also nourish the body, Bring great benefits to the body.


Often eat pork belly What benefits will you reap?

1. Replenishing qi and blood< /p>

Pork belly is rich in iron and vitamins. Eating pork belly can nourish qi and blood, effectively relieve the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia, and promote the health of the whole body Blood flow improves the body’s metabolism, accelerates the discharge of toxins and garbage in the body, and makes people look better. Especially female friends, you can eat more in normal times.

2. Regulate the stomach

For people with stomach problems, eating pork belly properly at ordinary times can relieve the problem of gastrointestinal disorders. Digest and absorb, reduce the burden on the stomach, also reduce the secretion of gastric acid, protect the gastric mucosa from the stimulation of other substances, and maintain body balance.

3. Improve immunity

For people with weak immunity, it is easy to have fever, cough, and dry cough. At this time, most people will choose drug injection or drug treatment.In fact You can improve your own resistance and immunity by eating pork belly, and it can also help improve the frequency of colds and fevers.

4. Enhance kidney function

The kidney is the foundation of the body, it is the part of the body that produces yang energy. No matter for men or women, it is very important to maintain the kidneys. If the kidneys are deficient, it will Lumbago, back pain, body weakness, then you can eat pork belly in normal times to improve kidney function and stimulate the secretion of male hormones.


Although pork belly is good, you should pay attention to these precautions when eating pork belly

Don’t eat every day

The nutritional value of pork belly is relatively high, but pork belly The cholesterol content in pork belly is also very high. If you eat too much pork belly, it will increase the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, affect blood flow, and induce hyperlipidemia.

Be sure to cook the pork belly

If you cook pork belly at home, you must cook it completely. It takes a little longer to cook, at least 1~2 hours, and the pork belly is pork Yes, some bacteria and harmful substances will remain in the stomach and intestines, and high-temperature cooking can also kill some bacteria, so as not to increase the burden on the liver and kidneys.

You cannot eat bayberry when eating pork belly

Bayberry is usually popular with the public, sweet and sour can also improve gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestion and improve indigestion, but you can’t eat bayberry when eating pork belly, if The combination of the two can easily cause food poisoning.

Not everyone is suitable for eating

Not everyone can eat pork belly. Patients with hyperlipidemia, patients with cold and fever, exuberant anger, high blood pressure , cardiovascular disease, and people with excessive dampness and cold in the body cannot eat pork belly, otherwise it will increase the burden on the body.