If people don’t smoke or drink all their lives, will they live longer? doctor tell you the truth

Many people in life have the problem of smoking and drinking. I think these two things can bring me some spiritual comfort. Life is short, so we should Take your time and enjoy.

However, smoking and drinking are not good for your health. It is to increase the probability of cardiovascular disease, especially while smoking and drinking, which has a greater impact on the body.

But it is usually ignored by smokers and drinkers. At this time, more people are wondering, isn’t it Can smoking and not drinking really make you live longer?

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If a person does not smoke or drink for a lifetime, will he live longer? The doctor tells you the truth

On this issue, Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine has done special research on it, I interviewed research materials. In order to make the data more convincing, I found about 600 long-lived people around the age of 100 from all over the country, followed up their living habits and eating habits for a long time, and summarized the reasons for their longevity.

Among these long-lived elderly people, about 80% of them do not have the bad habit of smoking and drinking. Only 20% of people have the habit of smoking and drinking, but the probability is relatively low. Coupled with regular life and eating habits, the physical fitness of the elderly will become healthier, their resistance and immunity will be better, and they will be less likely to get sick.

From long-term follow-up In the process, it can be found that if a person does not smoke or drink for a lifetime, it is indeed easier to meet the conditions for longevity.


So what are the factors that affect longevity?

Good Lifestyle

It is very important to develop a good lifestyle. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol, eat less sweets from animal offal, control the food you eat every day, and match your diet reasonably. To meet the needs of the body instead of being greedy, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain a balanced nutrition is more conducive to health.


Humans have always pursued longevity, but long-lived people have good genetics, accounting for When it reaches more than 50%, this is the only thing we cannot choose, including immune function, psychological resistance, susceptibility to diseases, etc., so long-lived parents will also pass on the genes of longevity to their children.

Appropriate exercise

< p data-track="16">The amount of daily exercise varies from person to person. Strenuous exercise is not suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. You can find suitable exercises according to your exercise ability to prevent muscle loss. The lungs, heart and other organs are beyond the capacity of tolerance, and insisting on exercising can effectively reduce stress and enhance pleasure.

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Keep a good attitude< /p>

It is inevitable that you are not as good as a person in life. It is best to self-regulate when you are troubled. Let your emotions fluctuate too much.


< p data-track="20">Why do some elderly people live longer after smoking and drinking all their lives?

Maybe there are such cases around you. The elderly have the habit of smoking and drinking, but they can still live a long life.< /span>

The proportion in the aging society is relatively large, and they can maintain a long life, mainly because they master the The word “degree”. Although some people like to smoke, some people like to drink, but they are more able to control themselves, more able to self-discipline, unlike some people who are addicted to smoking and alcohol, smoking and drinking for a long time.< /span>

Although they like to drink, they only drink a little every few days, not too much. Although they have the habit of smoking, they don’t smoke a lot. They even smoke one pack of cigarettes a week or two. Compared with your one or two packs a day, it’s a huge difference.

In general, it is not difficult to live a long and healthy life. We should learn scientific methods to maintain Control your own body, control your desires, and prolong life.