Are you caught in the three major misunderstandings of health management?

In 2020, with the advent of the epidemic, we have deeply realized how important health is. Only a healthy body can live happily and safely, and gold and silver are not as good as good health.

However, the epidemic not only tests the immunity of each individual, but also the immunity of a country. Health management has become a major area of ​​concern for individuals and the country. Management construction will also accelerate into the “fast lane”.

Health management market

There are data showing, 2020 The annual health management industry scale will reach 8 trillion yuan. The “Healthy China 2030 Plan” clearly requires the development of Internet-based health services, encourages the development of health services such as health checkups and consultations, promotes the development of personalized health management services, and cultivates a number of distinctive health management service industries. In the current market, health management will become a key planning project of many institutions and hospitals.


Is health management a regular physical examination?

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Many people now think that health management is physical examination, but it is not, strict In the sense of health management, it is to guide clients to change their unhealthy lifestyles based on individual or group health problems and health factors. From focusing on disease treatment to disease prevention, we help people successfully and effectively control and maintain their own health.

WHO has issued a health formula to the world: 100% health = 15% genetics + 10% social factors + 8% medical care + 7% environmental factors + 60% lifestyle. Of all the factors that affect health, lifestyle is the most influential and the most controllable.


Can rich people do health management?

When many people hear about health management, they think it is a higher-level health care project for the economically wealthy, and people with average economic conditions are simply unable to support it.

In fact, health management has a 90% and 10% relationship with any enterprise and individual, that is, 90% of individuals and enterprises pass health management , medical expenses are reduced to 10% of the original; on the contrary, 10% of individuals and enterprises do not carry out health management, and medical expenses have increased by 90% compared to the original. China is no exception. The least healthy 1% of the population and 19% of chronic diseases share 70% of medical expenses.

Through Aituoyou health management, guide people to improve their lifestyle, which can effectively reduce disease risk, save medical expenses, and improve people’s quality of life. Only by “knowing the disease before it” can we “treat the disease before it happens”. Only by fully understanding health risks, avoiding the predisposing factors of disease occurrence and intervening in the early stage, and doing a good job in the prevention of hidden dangers of disease and health management can make the disease less or never occur.


Is health management necessary for illness?

HealthManagement is not only for sick people, those with diabetes and high blood pressure need health management. Similarly, young and middle-aged people in a sub-healthy state also need health management.

At present, many young and middle-aged white-collar workers in the workplace are in a state of tension and anxiety for a long time middle. As the pillars of the society and family, they may still be healthy physically, but the long-term backlog of psychological pressure and excessive fatigue can easily lead to psychological disorders, and may also lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health problems.

Health management is to formulate customized 6S health that suits your own situation through precise screening Management scheme. Reasonable diet plan, reasonable exercise guidance plan, reasonable nutrition matching plan, and reasonable intervention and rehabilitation plan.

From precision

Complete testing and screening with low cost and high efficiency

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Solve the three levels of health management, love Tuoyou Health Management Co., Ltd. is committed to building a full life cycle health management system. Aitoyou Health Risk Assessment System can meet the needs of the current health management market.

Aituoyou Health Risk Assessment System< /strong>

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10 minutes to detect 9 major systems and 33 categories of human body 6965 life indicators, 5-10 years in advance warning of future health risks, according to the results of risk detection and evaluation, and then provide you with a targeted 6S health management intervention plan, which can give early warning of the occurrence of diseases and control the development of health risks in the direction of diseases in advance .

We can not only conduct accurate detection and evaluation through Aitoyou, but also achieve early detection, early prevention, and early intervention based on the evaluation report of each individual! Let you get sick later, less sick, and never get sick, and create a healthy lifestyle for you.