Intercourse between the sexes and ambiguous relationships have experienced these things, and they will generally end


In the process of sexual intercourse, there are many things that are really not easy. When things seem simple to you, they are not, and sometimes they are more complicated than we think, especially the relationship between men and women. You know, stay sensible in love, and don’t pursue some things too much.

Gender communication, ambiguous relationship has experienced these things, and it will usually end.

Real feeling

Hey, it’s okay, it’s not a lifetime thing, it will be over after experiencing the real feeling, many times you don’t believe it , but the reality is like this, the ambiguous relationship occurs only when there is a long-term emotional gap, and it will naturally end when the emotion is replenished.

Love is the same, it is not a lifetime thing in many cases, but it will disappear naturally when some aspects are satisfied. In our life, There are many things, we must think twice, don’t make a hasty decision, give yourself an independent space, and think carefully.

Ambiguous relationships between men and women are not that complicated at all most of the time. There are many things that are not a lifetime thing. As long as we know how to deal with them correctly, you will understand a lot of truths. Don’t always feel that life is very complicated. See how long you can hold on, and some things will pass after you bear with it.


Ambiguous relationship, sometimes just to satisfy each other’s curiosity, ambiguous relationship and love are completely different, when each other is satisfied When you feel emotional, some things will naturally not reappear. Please tell us that many things are actually because we have not handled them well.

It is very important to know the correct way of life. We must face reality, life, and ourselves. But things happen for a reason, and each reason naturally ends at a certain point. Many things in life seem to be really difficult for you.

Whether it is an ambiguous relationship or love, there will be an end between each other. Everything in life, we should think carefully, and don’t think about everything too complicated. As long as you can bear some ordinary things, you will find a lot of things, just like that.


Nothing is a lifetime thing, time will end naturally, we need to wait for time, but we need to understand time, we cannot afford to wait, because as the years go by, we will also Slowly enter the state of old age, when you are no longer young, those things are over, and it is too late to enjoy.