Does parentage really matter? Struggle half your life and still be poor

Striving to be mediocre for half a lifetime is still a poor person. Talent emerges from adversity. Don’t be so negative. Although we were not born well, our parents are good and they love us very much. It is gold that will be found one day. It is not the environment that determines people. This world is the survival of the fittest. The hero does not ask where he came from. A person with true skills is not afraid of fire. Since ancient times, talented people have mostly come from cold mirrors. Be optimistic, others fight for father, we fight for ourselves. The current society is like this. You have to find connections and spend money to do anything. It is too difficult for no one to do things. Unless you are very good, the premise is that you must also have a background in modern society. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are really talented When you show your ambitions.

Yes, you may not be born on the same starting line, but as long as you have extraordinary With the ability and overwhelming luck, this gap is difficult to catch up. The so-called baby born with a golden key refers to being born in a family with an excellent family background. The superior conditions in all aspects of the family have paved the golden road for him to grow up. Most of the children of ordinary families have to rely on their own hard work to obtain happiness. Although the former can easily obtain happiness, the happiness that is exchanged for the fruits of labor should be sweeter.

Those born with the golden key are also the result of the efforts of the elders, we can change It can only be ourselves, and what we can decide is only the origin of our descendants. Don’t be arrogant, don’t be arrogant, ask for advice with an open mind, and adapt to the society. Don’t think that your parents are ignorant and ignorant. No one is perfect. Parents also have many advantages that we may not be able to achieve in this life. If you still appreciate the beauty of others, envy If you look down on other people’s superior conditions and look down on your own background and financial strength, then it means that you have not grown up yet, the road of life is very long and short, you want to raise your children but don’t wait for your relatives, take good care of your parents, they need to be cared for, take good care of your wife Son, they need love and care. What you give up and miss now is just a part of your life experience. Maybe it should be so. If you miss something, you will get another one. I wish you good luck for the rest of your life. filial piety.