Are camping gear expensive? Recommended low-cost camping items

Author: Xiaohongdou’s old father

Nowadays, there is a fire in exquisite camping, and the design of camping equipment is becoming more and more exquisite. , I just want to bring the suburbs of the baby park close to nature on weekends, I tried several low-cost products on the Internet, and I recommend the products that are easy to use for personal testing to everyone. Share)

1, takeaway box (20 yuan)

outdoor incubator, often one or two hundred, my 30L, paid 20 yuan, used many times during the day, morning Go out, fill it with cold beverage beer, plus 4 bottles of frozen mineral water, go home at night, the drink is still cold, there is ice in the ice water, the capacity is large, the price is low, the takeaway brothers can also prove its durability, Camping during the day and want to drink a cool drink, use it without pressure, it is a good replacement, super recommended

2, iron mesh table (32 yuan)

iron mesh table outdoor camping picnic tea self-driving tour portable folding small table camping picnic table, evening It was purchased from Xi’s home for 32 yuan. The iron shelf is slightly heavy, relatively stable, and bears a lot of weight. It is a very practical shelf.

3, storage box (26 yuan)

outdoor storage box foldable travel picnic camping organizer car backup Box multi-functional storage storage box, purchased at 26 yuan Xixi

Light, the plastic is not thick, it is quite sturdy to use, it can hold things and can be used as a table, put a cassette furnace, Barbecue is convenient

4, Maza (6.9 yuan)

Outdoor folding chair portable small Maza home Camping stool fishing chair sketching small bench travel equipment, Aunt Zhang often recommends, the Maza is very small, suitable for children, adults can also sit, you can use it to make up when there are many people

5, inflatable sofa (22 yuan)

Outdoor Internet celebrity lazy inflatable sofa air mattress single reclining chair portable camping lunch break music festival Sofa, light and portable, you need to hold it back and forth to inflate, it needs a little skill, it needs a little strength, it is best to have a little wind, like a big pocket, full of air, It’s still comfortable to lie on

6, copy net pole (20 yuan)

Stainless steel canopy pole tent foyer pole canopy support pole portable car telescopic sun awning pole tent changed to the middle pole, the fetish found by Xixi, was originally used to use the black tower tent to the middle pole, I bought a 1.2m-4m Yes, it also brought a thimble, it is actually used, it is very strong, and I replaced it with the canopy pole, no problem at all

Disadvantages, heavy, relatively long storage, advantages, cheap, strong, adjustable length, also Can pick up a net to catch fish


Camping is too hot, The equipment is a bit expensive. It is recommended to buy some main equipment such as tents and canopies. For some small items, you can try domestic replacements, which are high quality and low price