[Anti-drug knowledge] What is Sinuosi, which is on the hot search?

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Sinuosi mentioned in Wang Xiaofei’s Weibo

What the hell is it?

The scientific name of “Sinuosi” is “Tartrate “Pitant tablets”, which belong to the controlled psychotropic drugs in my country, are suitable for the treatment of severe sleep disorders. Only with a doctor’s prescription can you go to the window to get the medicine. A box of medicine is priced at 50 yuan in the hospital, and a box of 20 pills, while on the black market, 3 pills are sold for 1,200 yuan.

Search the instructions for “Sinuosi” on the Internet and you can see: “Using sedative/hypnotic drugs such as zolpidem can cause Physical and mental dependence, the risk of which increases with dose and duration of treatment; risk may be higher in patients with psychiatric disorders or a history of alcohol or drug dependence.”

In some online forums, the experience after taking “Sinuosi” has already surpassed the help In the category of insomnia, such as inducing hallucinations or even delusions, nonsense, rage, fragmentation, etc., more people report that they will form drug dependence after long-term use, and once the drug is stopped, symptoms such as tension, restlessness, and confusion will easily occur. Similar to “Sinuosi”, there are psychotropic drugs such as “Triazolam” and “Diazepam”.

Is it a drug or a drug

The main reference standards are as follows

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To distinguish the boundaries between drugs and drugs, you need to judge according to the specific dosage and acquisition channels .

Purchase of anesthesia drugs must go through formal channels such as mental health institutions, comprehensive medical institutions with relevant qualifications, etc., and must follow the doctor’s advice, Use within the normal dosage range.

my country’s “Regulations on the Administration of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Revised in 2016)” clearly stipulates that the country’s original medicinal plants for narcotic drugs and narcotic drugs and Psychotropic substances are subject to control. Except as otherwise provided in these Regulations, no unit or individual may carry out activities such as planting of raw medicinal plants of narcotic drugs, experimental research, production, operation, use, storage, and transportation of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs.

Abusing, privately selling

National control of fine narcotics


It can constitute the crime of drug trafficking

Huangpu anti-drug reminder

If symptoms of insomnia appear

Legal and reasonable use of fine anesthetics< /span>

Follow the doctor’s advice on dosage and usage

Avoid addiction

Cause social harm

If you encounter drug addicts

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