Announcement of Chengdong District on orderly restoration of normal living order in some communities (No. 150)

Citizens in the general jurisdiction:

Since the implementation of home work and life management measures in Chengdong District, With the joint efforts of all epidemic prevention personnel, especially the front-line personnel such as medical staff, police officers, and volunteers who are fighting day and night, and with the understanding, support and cooperation of the general public, this round of epidemic prevention and control results have been achieved in stages, and social fundamentals have been realized. Surface dynamic clearing target. According to the current epidemic situation, comprehensive analysis of the coverage of multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing in the community, and research by the District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, it was decided to restore normal life order in some communities in the region in an orderly manner. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. From 14:00 on November 28, normal life order in some communities will be restored in an orderly manner. It can flow in an orderly manner within the region (the specific list is attached).

Second, communities that resume normal life in an orderly manner, implement normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, and strictly check the 24-hour nucleic acid negative certificate for residents entering and leaving the community , Nucleic acid testing is done willingly and must be tested when going out. If asymptomatic infections or positive confirmed cases are found in the community, the district headquarters will follow the ninth edition of the national epidemic prevention and control plan and 20 measures, depending on its activities. According to the trajectory, the epidemic-related communities or building units are designated as high-risk areas in a timely manner.

Third, some large supermarkets in the orderly opening area strictly implement peak shifting and current limit, “scan code shopping, buy immediately “Go” requirements, reduce the gathering of people and stay, and other non-people’s livelihood security business places are temporarily closed. At the same time, motor vehicles will continue to be prohibited from driving on the road except for epidemic prevention and control, material security, urban operation, emergency response, and emergency medical treatment.

Fourth, except for some communities that have resumed normal life order, other communities will continue to maintain the existing epidemic prevention and control measures. According to the general policy of “dynamic clearing”, according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control, communities that have not had a positive case for 5 consecutive days and have three nucleic acid tests within 5 days have been fully covered to restore normal life order in time.

5. “Unblocking” is not “unlocking”, and “letting go” is not “relaxing”. The general public should strictly fulfill their personal responsibilities, enhance their awareness of prevention, abide by epidemic prevention regulations, adhere to good habits such as frequent hand washing, wearing masks, and frequent ventilation, and do not get together, gather, or chat. Cooperate with participating in nucleic acid testing. When going out, you must use the “nucleic acid testing card” to enter and exit, and wear masks in a standard manner, and implement “one test, one scan and three inspections” (measure body temperature, scan “site code”, check health code, itinerary code, and check 24 hours Nucleic acid negative certificate), actively support and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work.

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Chengdong District is generally stable and improving, but there are still risks of hidden epidemic spread and cross-infection. Citizens in the jurisdiction should continue to strengthen Risk awareness, abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, jointly defend the hard-won achievements in epidemic prevention, and resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control in the whole region.

Attachment: List of districts in Chengdong District where orderly restoration of normal life order

Seongdong District New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

November 28, 2022