Announcement on Orderly Restoration of Living Order in Some Areas of Chengbei District (Third Batch)

Since the implementation of home work and life management measures in Chengbei District, the general public has fully understood and actively cooperated to help the epidemic prevention and control situation in the district continue to stabilize and improve. Combined with the current epidemic situation, after research by the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Chengbei District, it has been decided to orderly restore the normal life order in some areas of Chengbei District. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. From 12 o’clock on November 28, some areas in the northern part of the city will resume normal life in an orderly manner (the specific list is attached).

2. In areas where normal life order is restored in batches in an orderly manner, people can flow normally, and vegetable stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. in the area are open for business in an orderly manner, and Strictly implement the requirement of “scan code shopping, buy and go”, reduce people’s gathering and stay, and other non-people’s livelihood security business places are not allowed to open without authorization.

3. Except for areas where normal life order has been restored in batches in an orderly manner, the existing epidemic prevention and control measures will continue to be implemented in other areas. In the later stage, we will continue to adjust the prevention and control policies according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control, and restore normal life in batches in an orderly manner.

Fourth, “unblocking” does not “unlock”, “let go” does not “relax”. The general public should strictly fulfill their personal responsibilities, increase awareness of prevention, abide by epidemic prevention regulations, do not gather or get together, participate in nucleic acid testing as required, wear masks when going out, pay attention to personal protection, and actively support and cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work.

Sincerely thank the general public for their understanding, support and cooperation. Let us help each other and work together to build a solid defense line of group defense and group control, joint defense and joint control, and continue to consolidate the hard-won The results of epidemic prevention and control, and work together to protect our common home.

Attachment: List of Areas for Orderly Restoration of Normal Living Order in Chengbei District (Third Batch)

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Chengbei District New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

November 28, 2022

Chengbei District Orderly Restoration of Normal Living Order Area List (Third Batch)

Baojiazhai Village, Songjiazhai Village, Shenzhen Impression, Xinle Garden Community, Weijiazhuang Village, No. 9 Mansion West District, Xichuan Middle School Family Home, Shanglin Garden, Yongning Platinum Apartment, Taojiazhai Village, Jin Haiwan Community, No. 68 East Chaoyang Road Seed Station, No. 57 Chaoyang West Road Aluminum Community, No. 2 Fortune Apartment, No. 43 Chaoyang West Road Dikuang Xiyuan Community, No. 53 Chaoyang West Road Riverside Residential Area, No. 44 Chaoyang West Road Ziguiyuan Community, Jiaxieyuan Community, No. 3 Chaoyang East Road, No. 6 Menyuan Road Electric Power Community, No. 36 Chaoyang West Road Overhaul Factory Affiliated Court, No. 24 Chaoyang East Road, Liming Community, No. 52 Chaoyang East Road, Chaoyang West No. 14 Guoluo Main Section Family Hospital, No. 2-2 Menyuan Road, Jinpan Xinyuan, Shanshui Sunshine Community, Chaoyang Shangcheng East Courtyard, Qunsheng Huacheng North District, Yushu Bus Building, Sitaizi Phase II Resettlement Community Area B , Old No. 1 Community, Chaoyang Village, No. 54 Chaoyang East Road.