No matter how powerful the god is, the succulents he raises will die. Living plants, death is normal

It is normal for succulents to die. Succulents are alive. The maintenance period is affected by many factors, and death will occur, especially in the first three months, the mortality rate of succulents is extremely high. We are just starting out and do not have full experience. Death may occur during the maintenance period. Death must be faced properly, and at the same time improve the way of self-care.

Whoever raises succulents will face death, Even in a greenhouse, when the succulents grow from leaf cuttings to cultivation, and then grow up, there are countless deaths. The merchants must face it calmly. Cultivate so many succulents at one time, nearly an acre of land, one time. It is normal for hundreds of trees to be killed or injured.

No matter how powerful the succulent master is, even the succulent will appear The problem of death, the death of succulents cannot be cured, the only thing we can do is to improve our own maintenance methods, and try to avoid deaths caused by personal maintenance reasons as much as possible.

According to statistics, the cause of most succulent deaths is due to watering Too much water, too much water suddenly produces stagnant water. In a humid environment, a large number of germs and bacteria will breed. The germs invade the succulent root system, and the root system begins to rot slowly until it rots to the leaves. Most of the Succulent flower lovers regard succulents as traditional flowers and like to water them frequently.

Follow the normal maintenance method to raise succulents, it will not appear The problem of water melting and rotten roots, because you water too much, watering every three to five times, the fleshy roots will slowly rot, you need to improve your own maintenance methods, expand the interval of watering, and avoid watering due to watering. death caused by wrongdoing.

Don’t treat succulents as traditional flower green Plant, you have to treat it as a lazy plant, you can even ignore it completely, let the succulents grow freely, even if you keep them indoors, you can let the succulents grow naturally, and the survival rate of the succulents raised is better High, raising succulents is actually very simple. It is nothing more than basking in the sun. As long as there is enough sunlight, succulents will be able to grow well.

Don’t regard watering as part of raising succulents. Light is the most important thing. Even if you give water once a month, succulents will have no problems at all. , the plant itself has super drought resistance, and it will not die if it is not watered for a long time. On the contrary, if there is too much water, it will cause waterlogging and death.

< img class="content_title" height="300" layout="responsive" sizes="(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw" src="" width="600"">The succulents that cost tens of dollars to buy home, once raised to death, are indeed very distressing. For such problems, go to the Internet to search Search, those succulents bought for thousands of dollars have died. Wouldn’t it be more sad for the owner who raised them? Raising succulents is a step-by-step process. Slowly raise them and sum up experience. OK.