An old man in Zhejiang celebrates his birthday, the table is full of “ceiling” good wine and food, the boss: 20% deduction for wine bottles

An old man in Zhejiang celebrates his birthday, the table is full of “ceiling” good wine and food, the boss: 20% deduction for wine bottles

In our country, traditional culture has been passed down for thousands of years, and many traditions and customs have been perfectly preserved, such as wedding banquets, birthday banquets, and full moon banquets. For older people, they regard birthday banquets as very important, and their preparations are higher than wedding banquets.

In some places, they seem to use the method of “breaking the family” to hold birthday banquets. Maybe they didn’t feel it, but in the eyes of others, it was undoubtedly too arrogant and extravagant. Speaking of which. The author thinks of an article I saw a few days ago, the content of which is related to longevity.

The title of this article is “An old man in Zhejiang celebrates his birthday, the table is full of “ceiling” good wine and food, the boss: 20% deduction for wine bottles” What’s going on? Let’s take a deeper look. A few days ago, old man Xue from Zhejiang celebrated his 70th birthday. In order to have a big event, the family has been planning for a long time.

They first ordered a restaurant, and after discussion, they provided the ingredients for the birthday celebration to the restaurant, and the restaurant was only responsible for making it. After this matter was settled, the family members purchased a lot of ingredients, and they were very complete, including all kinds of meat and seafood. Huazi was chosen for Xiyan, and Feitian Moutai was used for wedding wine.

Finally, the family members notified all their relatives and friends that Yu Zhengri would come to the feast. On the birthday day, many guests came early in the morning, and around ten o’clock, the number of guests was almost complete. Therefore, Mr. Xue came to the stage to give the opening speech amidst everyone’s applause.

After waiting, Mr. Xue motioned for everyone to sit down and chat while waiting for the food and wine. When the time came to half past ten, the chef prepared all the delicacies and asked the service staff to bring them up one by one. After a while, the table was filled with delicious food and wine, and they were all at the “ceiling” level.

May wish to share with you a few hard dishes: the first is roasted whole lamb. It started to marinate, and it took several hours before it was baked in the oven. According to insiders, the ingredients of this delicacy come from the Inner Mongolia prairie, and it costs about 75 yuan per catty.

Not only are the prices high, but they are all freshly killed small-tailed Han sheep. After calculation, the cost of roasting a whole lamb alone costs 1,800 yuan. When the service staff brought it, all the guests were staring at this delicacy, seeming to think in their hearts: we must have more dishes of this delicacy later.

The second dish is steamed breaded crab. In all the banquets, breaded crabs are hardly used, right? Not only is there no old tradition, but bread crab is also very expensive. The price of a 1-2 catty is 260-520 yuan. Although it is not as good as king crab, it is also one of the best delicacies.

The method of this delicacy is steaming. The reason why other methods are not used is because steaming can better present the unique fragrance and tenderness of bread crab . Waiting to see it on the table, the red appearance looks particularly charming, with steam rising all the time, and the fragrance spreads everywhere, which makes people appetite.

The third stewed lion head goose is also a particularly eye-catching delicacy. Its ingredients are hard to come by. This kind of lion head goose is especially common in the southeast coast. In order to buy fresh Lion’s Head Goose, the family ran to many places and finally found it. Under the chef’s superb cooking skills, this goose dish is very tempting.

The marinated goose meat looks tighter, with clear texture, ruddy and shiny appearance, and the rich aroma is intoxicating. In addition, there are sauced steak, spicy grilled chicken, Sixi meatballs, pickled pork with preserved vegetables, braised pork slices, boiled pork slices, fish-flavored shredded pork, seafood platter, etc.

Try it all out, these delicacies add up to sixteen dishes, and the whole table is full. Let’s take a look at these two bottles of wine. One is Feitian Moutai, a famous pure grain sauce wine in my country. Its popularity is self-evident, so its price will also “increase all boats”.

There is also “Guokang 1935”, which is also Daqu Kunsha Sauce Wine in Maotai Town. However, this wine has not been on the market for a long time, but it is very popular now, and it often appears in many wine bureau banquets. Drinkers who have tasted it have given rave reviews, saying that it tastes very close to Feitian Moutai.

The wine is slightly yellowThe color is more vivid under the sun. Looking through the bottle, the whole body of the wine is full and bright. When pouring the wine, the hops are dense and long-lasting. relatively clear.

However, in terms of price, this wine is very affordable, about 100 yuan a bottle. At such a price, many drinkers can save a lot of drinking costs, and at the same time they can drink mellow and fragrant wine. Seeing so much delicious food and wine, who can calm down? After the meeting, everyone “fights on their own”.

Until around six o’clock in the afternoon, Mr. Xue’s birthday banquet was coming to an end. When it was time to check out, the boss said something incredible: These Moutai bottles can be deducted by 20% of all expenses. The owner just thinks that the Moutai bottle is useful, and since it can be deducted, it would be great.

But then again, the owner and others don’t know much about Moutai. Some Moutai bottles are very precious and have a very high collection value. Well, let’s stop here, what do you think about this, you might as well leave a message in the comment area.