An emergency syndrome of a farmer’s attacking ruffian, bleeding, dizziness

Farmer A certain patient has been suffering from abdominal pain for a long time, and his abdomen is like an urn. I met an alchemist by chance, and taught me how to use it externally, and take the final medicine internally, and then I can cut the root. A certain believer said that after a few days, he suddenly felt that his heart was noisy like hunger, and he vomited purple blood stasis, which became bowls and basins, dizzy, unable to sit up and down, and unable to seek medical treatment. He went to Qi’s house in the town and invited him to look at him.

The patient lay tired on the couch, closed his eyes and groaned. He was about to diagnose the pulse, but blood gushed out again, shaped like a pig’s liver, and the ground was dirty, and his hands and teeth were dizzy. The Qi family is afraid that it will be taken off, and is eager to carry it back.

Although my pulse is weak and thin, it has not been scattered. Shaoqing was dizzy and ordered to drink rice to calm his stomach first, then dangshen decoction to benefit his qi, and then take a dose of Bazhen decoction, and told him to take it all tonight, and discuss it tomorrow.

A person from the imperial court came to ask me: I took the medicine yesterday and the blood stopped, but I was flustered and fell asleep, and I couldn’t sleep well. After contemplating blood loss, the heart and spleen will suffer, so Yiguipi Decoction is added with black ginger to make it go home, take more for self-effect, and the consequences will be as promised.

【Note from Li Jiren】

Those with accumulation of abdominal cavity also have lumps in the abdominal cavity. The cause of its onset, “Miscellaneous Diseases Guangyao” says: “It is all because of one thing as the root, and the blood saliva wraps it. It is formed, like a cup or a plate, and it is hard to press. Food accumulation and blood, spleen and stomach have it, phlegm The accumulation of saliva is everywhere.” This farmer “has been suffering from ruffian accumulation for a long time, and his belly is like a urn”, and his symptoms are serious, so how can he rush to attack. The alchemist didn’t notice, and threw a harsh medicine, which caused “vomiting purple stasis, turning it into a bowl and a basin”. Quack doctors kill people, can we not take it as a warning!

Due to heavy bleeding, the patient appeared in crisis of dizziness, shaking hands, and gnashing of teeth. When the qi and blood are about to be released and life and death are on the verge of death, Cheng, based on the reason that “although the pulse is weak and thin, it is not scattered”, “Refrain from disturbing”, which shows that he has a well-thought-out plan, and especially hopes to turn the tide, and is truly “a great doctor in life”. also.

After dizziness, drink rice to drink first, and use it to protect the Qi, and it is in line with the meaning of “the only way to stop bleeding is to use Yangming”. Continue to use Radix Ginseng to save it, to invigorate Qi and absorb blood. Therefore, if the Qi does not escape, the blood will not rush. This is what is said in the world: “Visible blood cannot be produced suddenly, but invisible qi should be solidified quickly.” At the same time, it was followed by Bazhen soup.

According to Bazhen Decoction, it is a good prescription for both qi and blood, taking into account both yin and yang. . But although the blood stops fortunately, the heart and spleen must lose, so there is the performance of “palpitation, qi falling, restless sleeping and lying”, so it is easy to nourish the heart and strengthen the spleen with Guipi Decoction and black ginger.

Black ginger is made from dried ginger. After processing, the nature and taste become bitter and warm, and it has no pungent and dispersing effect. Therefore, it is specially used to warm the middle and stop blood. The key medicine for deficiency and cold in the middle Jiao and spleen not controlling the blood. Therefore, the predecessors said: “Ginger walks but does not guard, dried ginger can walk and guard, and Pao Jiang guards but does not leave.” The addition of black ginger is very suitable for the classic purpose of “warming the laborer”, but it should not be used for bleeding due to yin deficiency and blood heat. The essence of Cheng’s medicine can be seen here.

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