Feeling uncomfortable after eating hot pot? It is recommended that you make a comfortable Anhan magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope to find out

Hot pot, known in ancient timesantique soup, because of the < /span>Gudong is named after the sound. It is one of the original Chinese delicacies, and it is also a kind of food suitable for all ages. food. But according to media reports, some people get gastroenteritis after eating hot pot late at night, and some people get stomach perforation after eating hot potIs hot pot so unhealthy? The most indispensable hot pot in winter, how to eat it to protect the stomach and taste delicious? In fact, just pay attention to these five points.

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First: hot pot Do not eathot

The temperature of the hot pot can generally reach120℃, but our oral cavity, esophagus and gastric mucosa can only tolerate a temperature of 50℃, so too Hot food is easy to burn the mucous membranes, especially for people with recurrent aphthous ulcers. After eating hot pot, the original oral mucous membrane inflammation may aggravate the symptoms. So repeated, may also induce esophageal cancer.

Second: Don’t eat hot potRaw


Many people eat hot pot to pursue the freshness of the ingredients, so they pay special attention to the heat, thinking that cooking for a long time is simply wasteful. But be careful not to eat food that is undercooked. Because not only will there be a risk of ingesting bacteria and parasite eggs in the food, but it is also very likely to eat indigestion!

Third: Do not drink hot potSoup

Hot pot soup mostly uses high-fat ingredients such as pig, sheep, and butter Food is the base material, and pepper, pepper, and Chinese prickly ash are often used as condiments. Eating too much can easily lead to hyperlipidemia, cholelithiasis, duodenal ulcer, oral ulcer, gingivitis, hemorrhoids and other diseases. In addition, if the hot pot soup is boiled for a long time and is not changed for a long time, the ingredients in it will undergo some chemical reactions and produce harmful substances, such as the porphyrin substances contained in meat and seafood are mostly soluble in the soup, and the high concentration of porphyrin in the soup Metabolized by the liver, it may cause gout, and in severe cases, it will damage the kidney function. So, don’t drink hot pot soup!

Fourth: Do not eat hot pot cold

When eating hot pot, everyone is specialIt’s a big mistake to like to drink some iced drinks, which will make the stomach inice and fire The world of span>! A simple truth is heat expands and cold shrinks, the hot pot makes the gastrointestinal tract expand, Once you drink a lot of cold drinks immediately, the warm stomach will be stimulated, the blood vessels will shrink rapidly, and the secretion of gastric juice will change. disease.

Fifth: Do not eat hot potlong

Hot pot is a good choice for gatherings of three or five friends, chatting while eating, it is always hot, the food is not cold, and the love is not gone . But it is recommended that you should not eat hot pot for more than one and a half hours. Because the mouth has been eating, the secretion of digestive juices such as gastric juice, bile, and pancreatic juice is also continuously secreted. If this process lasts for several hours and the glands cannot get a normal rest, it may lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction and abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., and severe cases may suffer from chronic gastroenteritis, pancreatitis and other diseases.

Don’t let hot pot be our stomach health< span>The Great Enemy, pay attention to the above 5 points, hot pot is still the beauty of all ages span> Food! If you love to eat hot pot and always experience some discomfort in your stomach, it is recommended that you seek medical treatment in time; or it is advisable to arrange a comfortable Anhan Magnetic Control Capsule Gastroscopy for yourself first, because gastroscopy is the gold standard for diagnosing stomach diseases Standard , don’t let a minor illness become a serious illness because of fear of inspection, and miss a good opportunity for treatment.

Anhan Magnetic Capsule There is no intubation and no anesthesia for gastroscopy, the subject only needs to swallow a small capsule with water and lie on the examination bed20minutes to complete the examination, which is comfortable And safe. Stomach problems are also afraid of procrastination. Targeted treatment and maintenance according to the results of gastroscopy is the correct way to protect the health of the stomach. Caring for yourself and your family starts with an Anhan magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope.