This digital cultural innovation center that “resonates with the same frequency” as Shanghai Book City is about to break out of the cocoon!

As the lights in the hall gradually go out and the door slowly closes, on December 13, 2021, Shanghai Book City Fuzhou Road store ushered in the closure of the store for renovation. At present, this scholarly palace is undergoing renovation and will meet readers again in 2023. At the same time, the Century Publishing Building, which is connected to the podium of Shanghai Book City, is a new project jointly cooperated by DoBe Group and Shanghai Century Publishing Group, and it is also being updated at the same frequency.

Shortly after, the upgraded DoBe Shanghai Bookstore WE—Century Digital Culture Innovation The center is about to unveil its mysterious veil, injecting younger power into the century-old Fuzhou Road.

Create a new landmark of urban culture

In January 2022, Huangpu District Government Work Report mentioned that Huangpu will innovate Creation stimulates strong kinetic energy, keeps pace with the construction of urban soft power and hard power, and is at the forefront, painting a vivid scene with a strong “historical sense” and vigorous “new vitality”. Focusing on the above goals, during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Huangpu will accelerate the promotion of industrial energy level and regional function improvement.

Shanghai Book City before renovation

< p data-track="19">Therefore, the renovation project of Shanghai Book City, a landmark of Fuzhou Road for a century, has touched the hearts of countless Shanghai citizens from top to bottom.

The staff of Shanghai Commercial Press is proofreading the manuscript

Century-year printing and ink fragrance, for Fuzhou Road, this is the birthplace of the earliest modern publishing institutions in China, and has given birth to many famous bookstores and publishing houses , including: Commercial Press, Zhonghua Bookstore, Joint Publishing House, World Bookstore, etc., which have inspired countless literati. Lu Xun, Zhang Ailing, Mao Dun and many other cultural celebrities were active here.

In the 90s of the 20th century, Shanghai Book City sprung up, where the post-60s and post-70s read classics; Post-90s come here to buy teaching aids during winter and summer vacations; there are also countless literary youths who come here to choose pens, inks, papers and inkstones, and explore the atmosphere of history and cultural inspiration in the fragrance of books.

It can be said that Fuzhou Road and Shanghai Book City have become indelible cultural symbols in people’s hearts.

Li Yun, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shanghai Printing Industry Group, once stated in a report that he will focus on promoting the renovation project of Shanghai Book City to make it an urban cultural new landmark.

For DoBe Shanghai Bookstore WE, which “resonates at the same frequency” as Shanghai Bookstore, Lu Xin definitely has the right to speak: “Including this, this is DoBe’s third project in Huangpu, and we will strive to make it a new landmark of urban culture.” In her perception, DoBe’s three projects in Huangpu The projects present different industrial gradients in the park. “DoBe Bund WE and Bund 8 WE start from serving fashion design companies to high-end corporate reception centers, while Shanghai Bookstore WE focuses on cultural and creative industries based on regional policies and development orientations. The construction of an industrial service center.”

“This is how I like it”

“At that time, I found no less than 10 properties. , hardware, etc., and finally chose DoBe.” said Shi Huiming, co-founder of Shanghai Zhishang Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which has settled in DoBe Shanghai Bookstore WE Dao said, “Shanghai people have feelings for the area of ​​Fuzhou Road. The historical background and cultural temperament here are also very in line with the future development direction of our company. In such an atmosphere, the company will also achieve better development. ”

Shanghai Huangpu, like 5< /p>

At present, Zhishang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is also entering a period of rapid growth. With its own advantages of “equal to 4A services, resources and experience, faster response and efficiency than 4A”, it has become an advertising partner for many international customers. It was Huiming who told the reporter that he hoped that his advertising company and DoBe could become benchmark companies in their respective fields in Shanghai.

And another Shoe Show Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which has settled here, is a company founded in In 2009, the company managed the Sneaker Con, which has landed in 12 countries and held events in more than 40 cities. It has more than 6 million loyal fans around the world. It is known as “a sneaker culture feast that must be visited once in a lifetime”.

Dr. E, the content director of the company, said that the location, hardware and services here are the main reasons for choosing DoBe. “The space setting is very reasonable. ,LocationFortunately, after seeing it at that time, it was confirmed immediately. Working here allows us to be more involved, which is what I like here. “

Traditional culture reborn in modern space reconstruction

Into the embryonic In DoBe Shanghai Bookstore WE, many historical and cultural elements catch the eye. The commercial press and the precious historical books published by Zhonghua Book Company at the entrance tell you that you are on Fuzhou Road with a century-old history; the mottled wall inadvertently exposes the neatly arranged old books, making it present a strong The scent of books; the “antique” 486 computer, like the light in the crevice of the stone under it, reappears its former glory on the century-old Fuzhou Road…

In fact, DoBe Shanghai Bookstore WE invited famous designers to redesign the park. In the vision, the park will echo the design of Shanghai Book City and pay tribute to the era of digital technology. The entire façade looks like many books are placed horizontally and vertically, and the lights show the feeling of lights in Shanghai.

In addition, this place breaks through the design thinking of traditional office buildings, and for the first time tries to verticalize the functions of the park. The park opens up the outdoor space and lobby space on the first floor, transforming it into a “pocket park” that condenses the century-old culture of Fuzhou Road. This is not only a garden museum, but also an outdoor social place for white-collar workers in the park to relax and communicate with each other.

In the future, DoBe Shanghai Bookstore WE will be committed to providing comfortable, creative and multi-dimensional office space and services, facing the global market, and joining hands with cultural and creative enterprises and digital science and technology innovation enterprises, to create a brand-new digital cultural innovation center and a highland for the cultural and creative industry to focus on.