American ginseng, Codonopsis, and ginseng are all ginseng. What is the difference? The efficacy is here

About tonic ginseng, ginseng, Codonopsis, and American ginseng are all ginseng supplements. Many people unfamiliar with them will confuse the two. So what is the difference between these three kinds of ginseng? What is the best way to eat?

The first is the need for morphological differences Everyone identify.

Dangshen: The root is slightly cylindrical or long conical, and the root head has many protrusions. Stem scars, bud scars, few branches.

Ginseng: generally yellowish-white in color, fleshy, thick, and cylindrical in shape or fusiform, slightly branched. Mainly domestic.


American ginseng: light yellow or yellow-white, glossy color, fine skin texture, round or spindle-shaped taproot, full and firm texture, clean cut surface. Produced in the United States, Canada and other countries.

The second is their efficacy.

Ginseng nourishes blood and nourishes Qi Most prominent. We all know that ginseng is a great supplement. For example, when a patient suffers from prostration due to heavy bleeding or some chronic diseases, his complexion is pale, and his breathing is weak, a bowl of ginseng soup can be concentrated and poured immediately, which can fix the vitality that is about to get rid of, and make the patient turn to safety.

You can eat a little ginseng in daily life such as fatigue, feeling tired, lack of energy, etc.

Dangshen Bujin is relatively mild, and doctors tend not to reuse it. But he is a health care “family ginseng”.

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Can invigorate the stomach and stomach, invigorate the middle qi, invigorate the blood and invigorate the essence, invigorate the spleen and benefit the lungs, invigorate the spleen and nourish the lungs, invigorate the qi and calm the The qi of the lungs and spleen can also nourish blood and produce sperm.

Can be used for various qi deficiency. Deficiency of temper eat less, loose stools and vomit. Deficiency of Lung Qi, shortness of breath, cough and asthma, spontaneous sweating. blood deficiency causes fatigue, yellowing of the face, and rapid heartbeat.

People who are prone to colds and those with weak immunity are suitable for taking Codonopsis pilosula.

American ginseng has the functions of invigorating qi and nourishing yin, clearing fire and promoting body fluid, nourishing the five internal organs, health care and anti-fatigue. The effect is called “no fire ginseng”.

It is often used for internal heat to reduce thirst, dry mouth, heart palpitations, dizziness, stuffiness, tiredness, etc. symptom. Some people get dizzy when they stand up. To solve this problem, you can also use some American ginseng.

American Ginseng

In general, the main function of ginseng is to invigorate vitality, soothe the nerves and improve intelligence, while the main function of American ginseng is to nourish yin and kidney, and quench thirst.

Codonopsis and ginseng can nourish the spleen and lungs, nourish qi and produce body fluid. However, the efficacy of Codonopsis is more moderate than that of ginseng, and it is mainly used to treat mild and chronic diseases, while ginseng is mainly used for acute and severe diseases.

At the same time, the three of them have the same function, that is, they can replenish Qi and Body fluid can be replenished.

The last is the difference in medicinal properties.

From the point of view of medicinal properties, ginseng is mild, while Codonopsis is mild. Sexual, while American ginseng is cooling.

It is recommended that patients with qi deficiency due to coldness can choose ginseng; For patients with yin deficiency and internal heat qi deficiency, American ginseng can be used; for people who do not show obvious cold and heat constitution, Codonopsis can be used.

Eating of American Ginseng, Codonopsis, Ginseng Method:

All three kinds of ginseng can be soaked in water and taken with it, but boiling water is stuffy After 5 minutes, you can drink it, drink the ginseng slices or chew it after drinking it until it tasteless. It can also be made into a variety of healthy diets. For example:

Taro Ginseng Bone Soup:Boil the bones Then take it out. Add boiling water to the pot, add the ingredients, cover and simmer slowly. Cut the taro into pieces and add the taro when the bones are rotten.

It can replenish vitality and soothe the nerves. It is good for forgetfulness, yang wei, women with menorrhagia and long-term deficiency.

Codonopsis porridge: Make porridge with Codonopsis and rice at the same time, Add rock sugar when eating.

Invigorates the spleen and essence and resolves stomach qi. Nourishes the spleen and stomach, promotes fluid and stops dryness. Diabetic patients may not add sugar.

American Ginseng and Gorgon Soup: American Ginseng, Chinese Yam, Gorgon, After washing the dried tangerine peel, put it in an electric clay pot and simmer for 2 hours.

Invigorating Qi and refreshing, nourishing body fluid, eliminating fatigue, and the taste of soup Fresh and delicious. This decoction nourishes yin without dryness and heat, and nourishes without hyperactivity.

These three parameters have both commonalities and differences. different physiques. It should be used after the doctor’s diagnosis, and do not drink the medicine without authorization.