There are these “early signs” that you are on the road to prostatitis

The human body is a balanced organism and normally has no special senses. When there is a problem with the body and the balance is broken, various signals will follow. Many diseases will cause discomfort, severe pain, but some diseases are painless and uncomfortable, but keep showing signals, which is the body reminding us that there is an abnormality.

The prostate is an important organ for men. In the early stage of prostatitis, the body also sends out signals. Acute prostatitis comes and goes quickly. Therefore, when acute prostatitis occurs, patients will have symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, urethral burning pain, dribbling at the end of urination, and difficulty urinating.

Some patients also experience pain in the anus and perineum that worsens when urinating. Individual patients may also experience systemic symptoms such as sudden fever, chills, fatigue, general malaise, joint pain, and muscle pain. If you encounter the above symptoms, you must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

What are the typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis?

Obvious distending pain: Some patients with chronic prostatitis will have local symptoms when they are sick. If the urethra is found , perineum, and anus shrinking and distending discomfort, or squatting for stool, or sitting for a long time without exercising, you will feel a more obvious pain in the lower abdomen that is slowly increasing. If you don’t pay attention, it will lead to the disease. deterioration.

Urinary discomfort: The typical symptom of chronic prostatitis is dysuria, which can lead to bladder irritation such as frequent urination, burning of the urinary tract during urination , pain, and there is mucus and other secretions in the urethral opening in the morning, and there is also a feeling of difficulty urinating.

Abnormalities of the nervous system: Chronic prostatitis also has symptoms of abnormal nervous system, such as physical fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, etc. Long-term chronic prostatitis Inflammation can even cause abnormal reactions in the body, such as conjunctivitis and arthritis.


chronic prostate Inflammation is indeed a difficult problem in the treatment of male diseases. It is not only difficult to treat but also prone to relapse. These are the results of patients not paying attention to the initial signals. This is the most important stage.

Of course, if the treatment is in the wrong direction, the effect is of course not ideal. Many people treat symptoms for symptoms, but the disease must start with the cause. Otherwise, the behavior of treating the symptoms but not the root causes will only be fruitless in the end.