There are oral ulcers on the top, and cold hands and feet on the bottom. See how Chinese medicine can get rid of the ice and fire.

Oral ulcers are known to be caused by fire, and fear of cold in the limbs is definitely a cold syndrome, but it is unbelievable that these two symptoms can appear in the same on the individual.

A female patient came to the outpatient clinic some time ago. Fall in love with fire, such as repeated attacks of mild mouth ulcers, acne, red and swollen gums or sore throat, upset at night, insomnia, hot flashes;

The other side is afraid of cold, cold hands and feet, cold stomach, diarrhea and so on.

This is a typical example of fire on the top and cold on the bottom. This kind of patient is particularly painful when eating and seems to be unable to eat anything, because the cold Fire appeared on her at the same time.

Can you balance the cold and fire of the upper body and lower body, so that you don’t get angry, and your hands and feet are warm. Isn’t this killing two birds with one stone?

It sounds like this, but it’s not simple at all in practice. This patient has had symptoms like this for some years. He has seen a lot of Chinese and Western medicine. She would eat fire-reducing medicine again, but instead of reducing her symptoms, her symptoms tended to worsen gradually.

I took a closer look at the patient’s condition, and asked her about her usual diet and living habits. I prescribed a prescription: Coptis chinensis, Scutellaria baicalensis, Baizhu, Codonopsis, Poria, Licorice, Fried Chicken Neijin, fried hawthorn, fried malt, dried tangerine peel, hemp seed, cinnamon, aconite, keel, oyster.

It turned out that the patient had used it for half a month, and the effect was not bad. I adjusted the dosage. During the third consultation, the situation of upper heat and lower cold has been greatly improved. After she got better, I asked her to continue her medication, and the symptoms had basically disappeared by the time of the fourth consultation.

Instead of wondering why this recipe can cure this patient, let’s think about why her body is cold and hot?

The human body is like a small universe, the weather must fall, the earth Qi must rise, and all things in the world will grow. We have heart fire in the upper body and kidney water in the lower body. If your heart doesn’t go down, it will fire.

Then why do normal people’s heart fire go down?

Because of the effect of kidney water, kidney water can restrain the heart fire, and the upward movement of kidney water can restrain the heart fire.

People who are hot and cold, Because the upper and lower convection channels are blocked, that is, our spleen and stomach are located in the middle of the body, just like the intersection of the road, the intersection of traffic jams, the heart fire can not come down, and it turns into heat, and the lower part because there is no heart Fire is bound to be cold. At this time, neither reducing fire nor warming Yang will work.

So what should I do? My solution is: Clear the upper focus, pass the middle focus, and warm the lower focus.

First, I used a small amount of Scutellaria baicalensis and Coptis chinensis to clear my heart and lungs.

The next thing is the most important thing – Connecting the middle focal point, how to connect the middle focal point? Why is there so much phlegm in Zhongjiao? Have so much food? It is precisely because the spleen and stomach are weak and cannot transport and transform, soIt is so easy to block and accumulate.

Therefore, the most important point of passing the middle focus is not the direct pass, but the Invigorating the spleen, I use Atractylodes to invigorate the spleen, so that the spleen is elevated, Codonopsis pilosula invigorates the qi, assists the Atractylodes to invigorate the spleen, strengthens the effect of the spleen to invigorate the spleen, strengthens the effect of the spleen to invigorate the spleen. , to strengthen the effect of the stomach to reduce turbidity, licorice to nourish the spleen and stomach, neither ascend nor descend, keep the middle.

Finally, I use cinnamon and aconite to warm the kidney and yang, use tangerine peel to regulate qi and resolve phlegm, and then use hemp seed to moisten the intestines, induce the heart fire to descend, then the keel controls calmness, the oyster controls tranquility, and the cinnamon aconite This fire is sealed in the kidneys, preventing it from running around.

This will not interfere with each other, Not contradictory, the medicinal properties of each herb have been rationally utilized, adding too much is too much, and subtracting too little is too little, as if the lid of the cup is placed on the cup, and it fits tightly. This is the beauty of traditional Chinese medicine.

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