Thick and greasy tongue coating and tooth marks indicate what is wrong with the body? For the analysis of traditional Chinese medicine, you may wish to take a look at

When Chinese medicine diagnoses diseases, it often uses the methods of looking, smelling, asking, and feeling, and “looking” refers to judging whether there is any abnormality inside the body by observing the changes in various parts of the body.

In this process, the observation of the tongue is very common. It mainly judges the health status by observing the color, thickness and size of the tongue coating of the tongue.

A normal person’s tongue coating should be a thin layer of white substance. If you find that your tongue coating is thick and greasy, and there are a row of tooth marks on both sides of your tongue, it means that you are in good health problem. So, how does Chinese medicine interpret this situation?

Excessive heat and humidity in the body is also very harmful to health. Due to the poor metabolic function of the body, the garbage in the body cannot be discharged and accumulates in the body, which is easy to cause edema, muscle relaxation and other phenomena , if not adjusted in time, can gradually form obesity.

People with this physique have poor gastrointestinal function and poor ability to absorb nutrients. Over time, they may cause malnutrition, reduce immunity, and are prone to various diseases . Excessive heat and humidity in the body can also easily cause insomnia, pale complexion, fatigue, etc. Therefore, active recuperation should be done when this happens.

So, how to regulate the excessive heat in the body?

1. Exercise

People with heavy moisture in their bodies often do not like to exercise in their lives. move. But the less you want to move, the more moisture will accumulate, which will eventually cause moisture to enter the spleen and cause a series of diseases.

Exercise can promote blood circulation in the body, promote sweating, and also help to discharge moisture. You can choose aerobic exercise such as running and brisk walking, and stick to 40~60 minutes every day , It is advisable to sweat slightly.

2. Light diet

People with heavy humidity have weak digestion ability, so they should not eat fat, sweet and thick flavor, wine and milk , sweets, fried foods and other non-digestible foods, and avoid eating raw and cold foods, otherwise it will aggravate gastrointestinal discomfort.

This kind of people should mainly eat light food, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also eat some foods that have the effect of removing dampness, such as red beans, barley, poria cocos, Chinese yam and so on.

3. Pay attention to the surrounding environment

The production of moisture is not only related to its own metabolism, but also has a lot to do with the environment big relationship. If you live in a humid, cold environment for a long time, it will also lead to moisture intrusion.

In daily life, avoid sleeping on the floor directly, avoid going out on rainy days, and do not wear undried clothes. After taking a bath, you should dry your body and hair in time. In rainy weather, machines such as dehumidifiers can also be used to keep the air dry.

For this kind of situation, you should exercise more at ordinary times to promote the discharge of moisture, pay attention to light diet, eat more foods with dehumidification effect, and avoid staying in humid and cold environment for a long time. All help to reduce the phenomenon of excessive heat and humidity.