After waking up in the morning, people with poor liver have 5 abnormalities, if one is not accounted for, the liver is very healthy

Many people know that the liver is an organ in our body, but they don’t know what the main function of the liver is, so even if there is an abnormality in the liver, people In normal times, you may not pay special attention and care.

The liver is known as the “first of the five internal organs”, which cannot be replaced by any other internal organs in the body Yes, so to pay more attention to liver health in daily life is to take care of your health.

The main functions of the liver are as follows

1. Synthetic function

< p data-track="8">Whole grains enter the digestive tract, are digested and hydrolyzed into glucose before being transported to the liver and then absorbed and utilized by the human body. After glucose is transported to the liver, part of it is stored as glycogen in the liver for later use. Amino acids absorbed by the digestive tract also undergo protein synthesis, deamination, and transamination in the liver

< span>2. Decomposition function

The liver is the main detoxification organ of the human body, which can protect the body free from damage. Certain metabolic wastes in the body or spoilage products of intestinal bacteria and the drugs taken are processed by the liver, and the toxic substances become non-toxic, less toxic or easily soluble substances and are excreted from the body. This process is called detoxification.

3. Filter Through function

Hormones are synthesized in endocrine organs to micro-regulate various human functions. Most hormones undergo chemical changes in the liver and are excreted, such as thyroid hormones, estrogen, aldosterone, and vasopressin are metabolized in the liver. Therefore, when the liver disease is severe, there will be an imbalance of hormone levels, which will affect the normal function of the body.

4. Storage function

The liver can store fat-soluble vitamins, and 95% of vitamin A in the human body is stored in the liver. The liver is also the storage and metabolism place for vitamins C, D, E, K, B1, B6, etc. Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, and the iron stored in the liver is more than the iron contained in the whole blood in the body.

Although the liver The function is very powerful, but the liver can also get sick. For example, some people have reached the advanced stage of liver disease as soon as they are detected, which also makes people feel very scared.

Why is liver disease diagnosed at an advanced stage?

The reason for this is actually related to the characteristics of the liver. For example, the human liver itself has no peripheral nerves, so when early liver disease occurs Sometimes it is difficult for patients to notice.

Unknowingly, related diseases will continue to deteriorate, and slowly develop to It is in an advanced stage, so I hope everyone will treat this matter correctly.

In daily life, you should also use some methods to judge whether your liver is healthy. In fact, you want to judge whether your liver is healthy Whether you are healthy or not, you can conduct self-examination based on these performances after getting up in the morning.

Morning After starting, people with poor liver have 5 abnormalities, if one does not account for it, the liver is very healthy

  • dizziness and nausea< /span>

Generally, after a whole night’s rest, people who wake up in the morning You are very energetic, but if you feel that your energy is very bad, and you are even accompanied by dizziness, nausea, and no appetite for breakfast, you should consider whether it is related to liver function damage.

  • Unusual color of urine< /li>

Generally, most people need to go to the toilet to urinate after getting up in the morning. In fact, the state of urination can also reflect many physical problems , such as the liver condition, if you find that the color of your urine is thick yellow after getting up in the morning, it may indicate that there is a problem with the liver metabolizing bilirubin.

  • Obvious mouth odor

When we sleep at night, the bacteria in the mouth It will continue to multiply, resulting in peculiar smell. Even if you brush your teeth before going to bed, it is difficult to improve the situation. But if you find that the bad breath problem is very serious after getting up in the morning, and even you can’t bear it, it may also be related to liver damage. related.

  • Unexplained bleeding

The liver is responsible for secreting blood coagulation factors. If there is a problem with liver function, the deterioration of blood coagulation function in the body will be accompanied by no reason Bleeding, the more common manifestations are nosebleeds and bleeding gums, so I hope you can pay more attention to this abnormal situation and find out as soon as possible.

  • < span>Spider naevi

This is what clinical medicine thinks is more typical Liver disease manifestations, the so-called expenditure mole refers to a small red mole on the surface of the skin, the color in the middle is darker, and the color around it is lighter. It looks like a small spider lying on your skin.

Six major phenomena of liver disease deterioration, high-risk groups are best to know in advance

【1】Exhausted, people with liver disease often experience fatigue. In fact, the degree of fatigue is also related to the activity of liver disease.

【2】Severe loss of appetite, when severe loss of appetite occurs, be careful, your liver disease is getting worse !

【3】Reduced urine output, urine output is one of the signs of worsening liver disease that is easy to detect. If the daily urine output continues decrease, indicating that the condition is getting worse.

【4】Ascites, edema, abdominal circumference increase, liver ascites, usually When the liver disease is advanced or the condition is extremely serious. In addition, edema of the face and lower limbs, and increased abdominal circumference are also external manifestations of liver disease aggravation.

【5】Dementia, worsening liver disease will make the patient appear dementia, day and night reversal, abnormal excitement Multilingual, or there is a phenomenon that the words do not match the words.

【6】Jaundice, jaundice worsens Liver disease can cause the relatively stable low jaundice index to rise sharply, or jaundice will reappear. It is manifested as dark urine, yellow staining of skin or sclera.

The liver is a very important internal organ. I hope that everyone must pay more attention to the abnormal performance of the liver in daily life.