The first prescription for treating asthenia, suitable for five labors and seven injuries caused by asthenia, spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency, cough, etc.

Where there is exhaustion, there must be steaming heat. This prescription contains ginger and osmanthus to support the heart yang. Once the Jewish yang comes out, the fire will be dimmed, which is the method of reducing fever.

Every labor syndrome must eat less day by day, this prescription is also the method of eating to warm the spleen.

Every labor syndrome will cause a cough, and this recipe can cure cough by filling the earth with gold.

All labor syndromes are mostly kidney deficiency. This prescription nourishes the spleen to infuse essence and kidneys. The so-called essence is born in the grain.

Today people cannot read the book of Zhongjing and dare to insult the Holy Dharma. Pills and coltsfoot, Fritillaria, Polygonatum odoratum, Lily, Suchen and the like, it is really abhorrent to take each other to death.

Taste and observe the fire in the furnace. Those who cook rice first use martial fire, and when they are cooked, they will be covered with ashes. Raising the fire with ashes can get the benefits of the fire without the harm of the fire. In the same way, the fire of the five aspirations burns internally to warm the spleen and soil to nourish it, and the flame rests on its own.

Xiaojianzhong decoction is used for the prescription, and astragalus is added to the deficiency, so that the fire can be nourished and not burned, and the gold will be cleared. Moreover, caramel is a wonderful product for the monarch to cure cough, and it can mend the soil to produce gold. Although lung damage is difficult to deal with, it is not incurable. However, not only lung damage can be treated, but all five labors and seven injuries can be cured.


This prescription treats the deficiency of yin and cold and the decline of yang, and the disease of positive and yin deficiency and fire On the contrary, the misuse of quack doctors does a lot of harm.

Xiaojianzhong soup: caramel, cinnamon sticks, white peony root, roasted licorice, ginger, jujube. Decoction in water.