Warning: Although shiitake mushrooms are good, not everyone is suitable. It is best not to touch the 5 types of people

Nowadays, our diet structure on the table is more and more rich and diverse, which can satisfy people’s appetite. Now that the economic conditions have improved, people can eat themselves at any time Want to eat food.

As a kind of mushroom food, people like shiitake mushrooms, such as adding a little shiitake mushrooms when stewing chicken , can make chicken taste more delicious, and shiitake mushrooms can also be directly fried or made into other foods.

Like What are the benefits of eating shiitake mushrooms?

With strong immunity:

If the body can obtain more comprehensive nutrients, it can help enhance immunity and resistance, and the nutrients in the Three Kingdoms are relatively rich, so try to eat in moderation Shiitake mushrooms help to enhance immunity and resistance to a certain extent.

Alleviate the three high diseases:

Three high diseases mainly include high blood pressure, high blood sugar and hyperlipidemia. It leads to the continuous development of related symptoms, and the consequences are very serious. Eating some shiitake mushrooms in daily life can help prevent the three high diseases to a certain extent.

Beauty and beauty:

It is a woman’s nature to love beauty, and most female friends are concerned about external image and appearance The requirements are very high. Shiitake mushrooms contain certain trace elements, which can have the effect of beautifying and nourishing the skin. At the same time, it can also promote local blood circulation, reduce the precipitation of melanin, and help maintain the skin.

People who are familiar with each other should have discovered such a problem. There are fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms. Under the circumstances, many people often choose fresh shiitake mushrooms when they buy shiitake mushrooms. They think that this kind of shiitake mushrooms tastes better and more nutritious. So what is the essential difference between fresh shiitake mushrooms and dried shiitake mushrooms?

Fresh Which is better, shiitake mushrooms or dried shiitake mushrooms?

–Dried shiitake mushrooms contain more vitamin D than fresh shiitake mushrooms

There is no big difference in health between fresh shiitake mushrooms and dried shiitake mushrooms, but because dried shiitake mushrooms have been exposed to the sun for a long time, ergosterol becomes more More vitamin D, its vitamin D content is higher, and it can promote the absorption of calcium after eating. It is suitable for the elderly and children to prevent the occurrence of rickets.

–Dried shiitake mushrooms are more fragrant than fresh shiitake mushrooms

Dried shiitake mushrooms have been sun-dried for a series of days, so that most of the water in the shiitake mushrooms evaporates, and the fragrance becomes more intense than fresh shiitake mushrooms , the stewed soup with dried shiitake mushrooms is delicious and tastes better. However, dried shiitake mushrooms have a strong fragrance after drying, and some people don’t like this taste very much.

–Dried shiitake mushrooms taste more fresh

After fresh shiitake mushrooms are dried, the ribonucleic acid in the shiitake mushrooms is easily released, and is more easily hydrolyzed into guanylic acid, which improves the umami taste by 10 times.

–dried shiitake mushrooms last longer than fresh shiitake mushrooms

Dried shiitake mushrooms are fresh shiitake mushrooms that are sun-dried, dried, etc. It takes half a year for a year. Fresh shiitake mushrooms are more suitable for eating immediately after picking, and the storage time is no more than 3 to 5 days.

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It can be seen that dried shiitake mushrooms have more advantages than fresh shiitake mushrooms, so everyone should change their views appropriately and buy Don’t be blindly obsessed with fresh mushrooms when you’re eating mushrooms.

Warning: Although shiitake mushrooms are good, not everyone is suitable. Touch

  • People with too much humidity
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    For those who are inherently humid, if they often eat shiitake mushrooms, especially if they often eat fresh shiitake mushrooms, it may cause dampness in the body. The air is heavier, because strictly speaking, shiitake mushrooms can be regarded as a kind of hair, so it is very unsuitable for people with heavy humidity.

    • Gout patients

    Gout is a complication of high uric acid, if suffering from Gout should also be treated and adjusted in time. Gout patients are not suitable to eat shiitake mushrooms, because shiitake mushrooms contain certain purine substances, which may lead to increased uric acid and repeated gout.

    • People with poor digestion

    Mushrooms taste very delicious after cooking, but the cellulose content is relatively high. Excessive intake of vegetarian food can easily increase the burden on the stomach, and in severe cases, it may also cause constipation, so people with poor digestive function should also choose carefully.

    • Women after giving birth

    It is best not to have a female friend after giving birth Eat shiitake mushrooms, because shiitake mushrooms contain certain cold substances, and after these substances enter the body, they may cause a cold physique. For women, it may also cause a cold palace, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery.

    • People who are allergic to shiitake mushrooms

    Everyone’s constitution is different, so the corresponding allergens are also different, some people with special constitution may There are mutual allergies, but after they heard about the benefits of eating shiitake mushrooms, they still eat them frequently. Severe allergic reactions can easily damage the internal organs of the body, so people with allergies should not eat them.

    Uncooked mushroom leftovers Surely it will be poisoned?

    If some legumes and vegetables are not cooked, they will cause food poisoning after entering the body, such as green beans, kidney beans, green beans and so on.

    So people speculate that mushroom foods such as shiitake mushrooms are generally grown from fungi , If not cooked, these fungi may stay in the human body and cause poisoning.

    In fact, if the shiitake mushrooms are not fully cooked, there will be no poisoning reaction, but those gastrointestinal functions are not For good people, eating shiitake mushrooms that are not fully cooked may cause abdominal discomfort. Therefore, considering this aspect, I hope that you must cook them thoroughly when cooking shiitake mushrooms.

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