Lingnan Rheumatism Center | Winter is coming, how can gout patients cook hot pot?

< section>In the cold winter, family and friends sit around a table and have a steaming hot pot, which can be described as warm. Many people know that gout patients are not recommended to eat hot pot, but as the saying goes, “winter is incomplete without hot pot”, especially for hot pot lovers, what should we do if we really want to eat hot pot?
Instead of blindly dissuading everyone from eating it, it is better to give a “gout version” hot pot, so that patients who want to eat hot pot can enjoy their mouths without aggravating their illness. He Le Instead of?
First of all, let’s see why gout patients don’t recommend eating hot pot .

Reason one: high purine

According to some statistics, the intake of purines in a hot pot is several times or even dozens of times higher than that in a normal meal.
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The soup base of hot pot and common hot pot Foods such as animal offal, seafood, fresh mushrooms and bean sprouts are high-purine foods (100~1000mg of purine per 100g);

Pork beef mutton chicken , tofu, sesame, etc. are foods with high purine content (contain 75~100mg per 100g).

Reason two: high fat

Fat can inhibit the metabolism of uric acid and aggravate the condition of gout. Regardless of whether it is red soup or white soup, whether it is Chongqing hot pot or beef hot pot, they all contain a lot of fat. There are also dipping sauces that are indispensable for eating hot pot, such as sesame oil, sesame paste, etc. The fat contained in them cannot be ignored.

Reason Three: High Salt

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The risk of gout, hypertension, diabetes and other metabolic diseases is higher than that of ordinary people High, the intake of salt should be stricter than ordinary people. Hot pot sauces, soup bases, and foods such as meatballs and luncheon meat all contain a lot of salt.
Okay, clear hot pot meeting After the factors that aggravate the condition of gout, let’s follow the editor to cook hot pot scientifically!

The first step: choose the bottom of the pot

The first choice for gout patients is to make hot pot at home and use clear water The bottom of the pot can ensure the freshness of the dosage, ingredients and food. If you really want to eat out, please tell the waiter firmly: “I don’t want bone broth, mushroom soup, or clear soup, just give me water!”

Step 2: Choose ingredients

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Mainly vegetarian, with a small amount of meat, eel, loach and other freshwater fish can be eaten in small amounts, but Each serving should not exceed 100 grams.
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Potatoes such as taro, yam, and sweet potato; vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, rape, lettuce, spinach, kelp, corn, and wax gourd.


Duck intestines, tripe, beef louvers, pig brains and other animals offal; seafood such as shrimp, crab, squid; fatty meat, beef and other meat.

Step 3: Choose the drink

< section>It is best to drinkpurified water, boiled water and alkaline drinks (soda water, light tea) etc. Drinking a lot of pure water or boiled water is beneficial to the metabolism and excretion of uric acid; sodium bicarbonate in soda water can promote the excretion of uric acid; light tea can also play a certain neutralizing effect.
Do not drink alcohol, especially beer. Every time you drink a bottle of beer, blood uric acid can more than double, which is enough to cause an acute attack of gout. Don’t be greedy for deliciousness, go to drink hot pot soup, the longer the soup is cooked, the higher the purine content.

The fourth step: choose the dipping material

Gout patients should try their best to choose Light dipping sauce, use vinegar instead of sesame oil, sesame paste, etc. as dipping sauce, avoid heavy and spicy taste, stimulate appetite, do not use oil dishes.

The fifth step: boil

Rinse first Vegetables, then boiled meat. When picking up food, drain the soup as much as possible to reduce the intake of purines.
Seeing this, some people may say that this is not a hot pot, it is obviously boiled cabbage. No way, the key to delaying the development of gout and reducing complications lies in dietary intervention and controlling the intake of purines.

For Those who are in the asymptomatic period and have a mild condition can occasionally eat the “gout version” hot pot mentioned above;

For those who are in the acute stage and the condition is serious, we still It is recommended not to eat hot pot, after all, the cooking method of hot pot will make people consume more purines.

Although Gout patients cannot enjoy the deliciousness of hot pot, but they may find comfort in the following little knowledge.

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Cool knowledge

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High uric acid = high IQ?

Studies have shown that high uric acid levels are related to high IQ, because it can stimulate the cerebral cortex and enhance intelligence; among people with super high intelligence, the incidence of gout is 1.8%, which is higher than The incidence rate of the general population in the same region during the same period (1.5%).

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