After the beginning of winter, you should eat onions often. It can prevent colds and lower blood pressure. Purple skin and yellow skin have different effects

Hi everyone, I am Dr. Zhang. Today we will take a look at another common ingredient in the kitchen – onion.

In our daily life, we often eat onions, and onions are also A vegetable belonging to the cruciferous family, eating it in winter can supplement the nutrients needed by the body. Onion has a relatively high nutritional mechanism, and it is one of the vegetables that are nutritious and healthy. Besides being edible, onions also have certain medicinal value. It is often heard that eating onions can lower blood pressure ,is this real? Let us take this question into today’s health knowledge popularization!

Do onions lower blood pressure?

Onion is a food with relatively high potassium content. Potassium can play a role in inhibiting the rise of blood pressure, and the onion contains The sulfides in the onion can stimulate the expansion of blood vessels. In addition, onions also have the effects of lowering blood fat, softening cholesterol and reducing the fat content in the blood. Vitamin A is contained in onions. It can promote blood circulation, reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, and improve the immunity of our body. Eat about 100 grams of fresh onions every day, preferably raw food, the effect of lowering blood pressure will be more obvious. For hypertensive patients, onions are a good natural antihypertensive drug.

Chinese Medicine: Onions

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that onion tastes pungent, sweet, warm in nature, and enters the liver meridian. According to traditional Chinese medicine, onions can be used to treat symptoms such as stagnation of food, abdominal distension, cough with excessive phlegm, and bleeding hemorrhoids. It is also very helpful for reducing fire and relieving cough. Modern medical research shows that onions contain a lot of antioxidant substances, which can effectively fight against free radicals that age the human body and delay the process of cell aging.

Onions also have the effect of lowering blood sugar, which can play a role in Control blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Onions have the effect of warming the middle and dispelling cold, so they can also prevent the occurrence of colds. In addition, onions are also a high-protein and low-fat food. Those who want to lose weight People can also eat some onions in moderation. Eating some onions in the cold season can help blood circulation and enhance the body’s immunity, and it can also prevent the occurrence of diseases.

What is the difference between purple onions and yellow onions?

Purple onion has relatively high medicinal value,< strong>Anthocyanins are relatively high, so the anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects are also relatively large, and purple onions are relatively crisp. For women, eating some purple onions in moderation can also have a beauty effect , but the purple onion is also spicy, so it is recommended to fry it before eating.

The carotene and vitamin content contained in yellow onion is relatively high, so it is suitable for people with high blood pressure to eat raw. Yellow onion It also has the functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying and cooling blood to stop bleeding. Its high cellulose can play the role of appetizing, invigorating the spleen, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough. Eating it in winter can also play a role in preventing colds.

Whether it is yellow skin, purple skin or white skin onion, the efficacy is different. The most important thing is to choose the one that suits you. If you want to stir-fry, choose purple skin. If you want to lower blood pressure or make cold salad, choose yellow skin or white skin. It should be noted that it is best not to eat raw if you suffer from allergies, asthma, and rhinitis, and patients with gastric ulcer strong>Try not to eat onions to avoid damage to our health.