After the elderly are 60 years old, develop 10 good habits of life, discover a different self, and benefit the whole family

Hello everyone! I am “Family Grocery Shopping”. meet again. In fact, I see a lot of people during the day. First of all, I go to the community for nucleic acid testing early in the morning, especially the elderly. I went to the market in the morning, bought some food and used it, and met more people.

Through contacting the elderly all day, I found that there are many elderly people Good habits, such as exercising, dancing, singing, calligraphy, art, creation, playing Douyin, watching short videos, etc. Make your life full, which is very good for the health of the elderly.

After my own summary, now it seems that as long as the elderly are over 60 years old, they should consciously cultivate their own interests and hobbies. It is best to develop 10 good life If you get used to it, you may find a different self. If you are physically and mentally happy, the whole family will benefit from it.

First, independent thinking

The so-called autonomy is to use your own thoughts, abilities, information, resources, etc. to make judgments when you encounter problems, and don’t rely on others, let alone ask others. Then try to solve the problem, and slowly get used to it.

After the age of 60, there are fewer people around me. Unlike when I was working, there are many people and resources around me that I can use. Therefore, you must use your own thinking, deal with problems independently, and form a habit.

Second, work independently

60 years old, even if you can Occasionally activities together, the opportunity can not be too many. Moreover, if the elderly are active together, it is difficult for anyone to tell if something goes wrong. Therefore, no matter what you do, relying on others is worse than relying on yourself, and develop a good habit of doing things independently.

Through continuous efforts, develop your ability to solve problems and make yourself Master some skills to solve practical problems, and truly be willing to find solutions from your heart, instead of being depressed, let alone complaining.

Third, focus on doing things.

When a person reaches the age of 60, he must act calmly. That is to say, don’t act like you were in a hurry when you were young, and no one pushed you, and there is no time limit. Treat problems as a pleasure, not a burden.

Concentrating on doing things is the embodiment of a person’s ability and status. When you are in this state, you have no time and no mood to pay attention to some meaningless things, and you will not be disturbed by others.

Fourth, take care of your body

“The body is the capital of revolution”. No matter what you do, even if you are playing, you must always put your body first and health first. To develop some good living habits, such as diet, daily life, exercise, sports, hobbies, etc., rest when it is time to rest, and relax when it is time to relax.

Physical health is the foundation of all activities, take good care of your body, To manage our health, our habits, and our mentality is something we need to work hard for in our lives.

Fifth, happy mood

As the saying goes, “disease comes from qi”, “qi hurts the liver”, “qi explodes the lungs”. It can be seen that anger is not good for the body. So, don’t be sentimental, think more about happy things, watch more humorous dramas, and fill your life with laughter. Smile more and find your sincere and simple happy time.

Sometimes you will encounter a lot of fast-paced things, and your mood may It will be affected to a certain extent, anxious, impetuous, and perfunctory. You must learn to calm down, adjust your mood, and do what you should do.

Sixth, proper communication

Why Talk about proper communication? After the age of 60, you should not participate in many unnecessary occasions. Only like-minded friends can have a common language and hobbies. Bad communication is not advisable, let alone practical. Make some close friends and make some like-minded friends, which will help you live a relaxed life.

Let go of too many things that have nothing to do with you, and leave time for yourself Books that haven’t been opened yet, leave this time for your activities that haven’t started, and leave this time for your plan that hasn’t been completed.

Seventh, cultivate interest

We will always meet some people who have helped us, and others who have helped us people. After the age of 60, none of this matters. The most important thing is to have your own interests and hobbies, so that you can live a full, free and exciting life.

For example, some people like calligraphy, so they have to move their hands and feet every day in this area, and discuss with a few common fans when they are free , exchange exchanges, you can also hold a small event to cultivate sentiment. The same goes for other hobbies. Anyway, if you have something you like to do, your spiritual life will become full and interesting.

Eighth, do what you say

If you want to make your life better, remember to thank those friends who make you better, keep your promises, let Others respect. The elderly are most afraid of others saying “being old and disrespectful”. This is a very important thing in their own lives, so don’t ignore it.

Speaking of what you say is actually keeping your own credit, trust is mutual Yes, if you break your promise once, the next time the other party meets, you will think: Can I still trust him? When you really do not keep your promise, the other party will think in his heart: Sure enough, it is still the same. Do remember: you must be a reliable person.

Ninth, optimistic

The elderly are prone to some physical problems, which is a normal phenomenon. How can people not get sick when they eat whole grains? What’s more, they are all elderly people in their 60s? Therefore, we must strive to maintain an optimistic mood, a positive attitude, and sincere love, so that we can be upward and happy at every stage.

You may encounter various things in your life, everyone You can change your mentality appropriately, think in a good direction, replace negative emotions with a positive attitude, and maintain a happy mental state.

Tenth, take action

As the saying goes, “It is better to do one thing if you say a thousand, and say ten thousand.” It is useless to talk, and it is a waste of emotion and time to just talk. The best answer is Take action quickly. Take action as your first standard. If you have ideas in life and methods in work, you will be effective in action.

When you feel that your life is not right, it may be reminding yourself that you need to change. Introspect your existing living habits, it is worth continuing Persist, take action immediately if you need to improve. As long as you take action, there will be results soon. It is beneficial to yourself and the icing on the cake for the family.