After eating hundreds of “McDonald’s”, the nutritionist summed up these ordering experiences!

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Just order a grilled burgerWith black coffee

My general attitude

McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King all count, I eat three times a week, mainly because it’s fast, safe, full, and

I generally advise everyone to eat less fried foods. Fried foods are often high in calories, may produce carcinogens at high temperatures, and oxidative polymerization of oils may also be harmful to health.

But after all, there is a saying that nutritionists often talk about: “There are no bad foods, only bad meals.”

If the combination is right, eating only McDonald’s can also eat healthy and eat more thin–For example, a science teacher named Jonh Cisna in the United States once ate McDonald’s every day for half a year. ResultsAs a result, I lost 55 pounds, and my blood lipids and blood pressure also improved.

Want to know how to eat McDonald’s like this teacher? Today, let’s talk about how to choose and match various McDonald’s products!


We take a burger apart and see that the protagonist is definitely not the lettuce that can provide vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, because there are too few. And certainly not sauces that provide unnecessary calories and sugar, but—

| Meatloaf (chicken, beef) providing protein

Often a burger has 15-25g of protein.

Each of our lives is inseparable from protein. The synthesis of muscles requires protein, many nutrients need protein to carry and bind, and many hormones are composed of protein. The reason why many women Hair loss is caused by insufficient protein intake, and the most obvious nutritional feature of beef and chicken is that it is rich in high-quality protein.

Of course, if the patty is fried, it will indeed contain more oil, and the fat content will increase, which is not good for weight control, but it is good for those who are thin and heavy. A quick way to get calories and protein, and McDonald’s has quite a few burgers that aren’t fritters!

| Bread that provides carbohydrates

While these breads tend to be refined carbs, they have the advantage of being digestible and filling your body with little energy.

Some girls and friends will deliberately skip bread when they eat hamburgers to avoid consuming carbohydrates. In fact, this is to be careful.

Generally, the carb content of a hamburger is about 30-40g, which is equivalent to about one or two grains of dry weight. According to the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” recommended Carbohydrates account for 50%-65% of energy, which is equivalent to if you consume 2000kcal a day, 1000-1300kcal should come from carbohydrates.

Long-term insufficient carbohydrate supply may lead to hypoglycemia, anxiety and fatigue. In order to meet its own needs for glucose, the body will also use the body’s Protein and fat are used for energy, and there will be problems such as ketone blood, ketonuria, and protein consumption of body tissues.

So the hamburger bun still needs to be eaten

|Which one?

First, let’s take a look at the ranking of common burgers from low to high calories.

The picture comes from McDonald’s official website

If you only eat one burger this time, you can consider that although the calories are not low, the protein content is high, and the fat is well controlled Original BBQ Chicken Thigh Burger. The patty in this burger is made by a double-sided frying oven process, which is fried with the oil in the chicken thigh, which is healthier than fried and healthy wheat spicy chicken thigh burger.

If you’re looking for a low-calorie option or want to pair it with a snack, consider the lowest-calorie hamburger. (To be honest, I haven’t eaten it), you can also try the 500kcal package.

However, I usually prefer Big Mac burgers without hamburger sauce, mainly because I like the taste.



Fries I strongly don’t recommend! ! ! (but please ignore the chips in my occasional set meal)

The main thing is that it is high in calories, refined carbohydrates, and fried peroxides.

In fact, potatoes are originally very good, and even potatoes are more nutritious.

The carbohydrate content of cooked potatoes of the same quality is 20%~40% lower than that of rice, but due to the high dietary fiber content, the same calorie content Rice is more satiety and can also delay the rise in blood sugar.

Potatoes can supplement the lack of vitamin C in polished rice and white noodles (do you know that the vitamin C content in potatoes and sweet potatoes actually exceeds that of apples, pears, peaches and other fruits), B vitamins (2-4 times of rice), potassium, beta-carotene, etc.

But beware, this is cooked. Boiled potatoes are good carbs, and fried potatoes are bad carbs that do more harm than good for most people.

I really want to eat a small portion and enjoy it.

Mai Chi Wings, McNuggets, So Big Chicken Cutlets

How many grams of protein do you imagine a serving of spicy chicken wings has? How many grams of fat?

Be aware of the calorie, protein and fat content of these fried chicken:

Overall I do not recommend, and especially from a quality standpointChicken Nuggets, As for the taste, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom.

The protein content of chicken is about 16%-20%. Compared with livestock meat, the advantage is that there are less saturated fatty acids and more unsaturated fatty acids. Especially chicken breast is very low in fat, and it is very suitable for many fitness and weight loss people to supplement protein.

So the chicken itself is good, and if you’re willing to peel the skin off the outside of the fried chicken, you’ll be one step closer to being healthy.

At the same time, pay attention to control the amount – the dietary guidelines recommend eating 120-200g of animal food per day, which includes one egg per day (about 50g), so daily meat is recommended The intake is 70-150g. Because fat counts as fat, the Dietary Guidelines refer to lean meats like chicken.

| Tasty Vegetable and Corn Cups

“Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” recommends that each person should eat 300-500g of vegetables per day, with dark vegetables accounting for more than half, and it is best to eat more than 5 different vegetables.

The vegetable cup contains a mix of fresh tomatoes, carrots, purple cabbage, white cabbage, and lettuce, but the amount is too small, so it’s better than nothing. I can only say that if you really can’t eat vegetables, from a purely health perspective, I still encourage everyone to eat some vegetables. You can even have a few more cups. Remember to tell the clerk not to add sauces.

But I really don’t think it’s a good deal, so I tend not to order a single, but substitute chips for corn cups when choosing a set menu.

Corn contains more dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals than polished rice and white flour. It is also very good to eat some, and some people may worry The nutritional deficiencies caused by frozen products and processing are really not a big problem.

Ice Cream & Desserts

Don’t eat, a cone has almost 22g of sugar. (Personally, I usually eat chocolate-flavored Xindi, and then start to break out the next day)


Do not drink with sugar

The first two days I ordered a combo that couldn’t be swapped for Coke, and after half a cup (plus lots of fried food), my blood sugar was at its peak for the past two weeks…


I don’t need to say more about the harm of sugar, causing dental caries, affecting blood sugar, excessive intake can also lead to obesity, and obesity can cause a series of Metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.

If your goals are health and risk reduction, and your cravings for sweet drinks are limited to 1-2 times a week or even a month, your sugary drink is Yes. You know, the daily intake of added sugar is less than 50 grams, and there is no serious health risk.

The key question is, Can you do this? Is this sugar intake also credited to those desserts, milk tea, bread, snacks…

Sugar-free may be considered

As for non-calorie diet drinks, most clinical studies so far have concluded that artificial sweeteners will not significantly affect blood sugar levels, nor will they be used by oral flora to cause dental caries .

Overall, it’s safe and can be seen as a phased replacement for transitioning to a healthier diet.

For me, drinking sugar-sweetened beverages has obvious blood sugar fluctuations and acne-prone, so I will definitely choose sugar-free beverages.

How to eat and drink

We talked before, and many studies have found that the order of meals will affect blood sugar after meals, and may also affect body weight, waist circumference, blood lipids, etc. in the long run.

Specifically, the eating order of “vegetarian-meat-staple food”, or “fiber-protein/fat-carbohydrate”, can achieve the effect of controlling postprandial blood sugar.

So in theory if you only eat one burger, you can eat the patty on the inside first, then the bun on the outside. (But, have already eaten these, let’s enjoy the food!)

If one burger isn’t enough for you, try their snack before you eat it.

About 30 minutes before the official meal, having some protein or dietary fiber snacks can effectively inhibit the stress after eating. Blood sugar rises.

For example, if you rush into McDonald’s hungry, you can have a vegetable cup or a corn cup “pad” first, which will not only help control blood sugar, but also lower your blood sugar levels. Desire before eating some fried chicken burgers~

What do you usually order at McDonald’s?