Advice for women: After the age of 45, eat these 5 kinds of food often, supplement estrogen, and be younger than their peers

It is well known that estrogen is very important for women. The level of estrogen in the body directly affects their mental outlook and also affects their physical health. As a woman, of course, I hope to have enough estrogen, but after entering the age of 45, menopause gradually arrives, the secretion of estrogen in the body decreases greatly, and aging comes quietly.

So after the age of 45, women need to supplement their bodies with estrogen to ensure that all indicators of the body are in a normal state. It is a good way to regulate through daily diet. It is recommended that women often eat the following 5 kinds of “rejuvenation” foods to supplement estrogen and regain a girlish appearance.

1. Red bean

Red bean is rich in “isoflavone” substances, which are natural phytoestrogens, which are good for menopausal women very important nutrient. In addition, red beans are also beneficial to replenish qi and blood, and can make the complexion more ruddy and shiny. Eating red beans often will make your face look like a peach blossom.

If you want more delicious red beans, you can choose to eat Seven Degrees Yiyan Cake. It is blessed with a variety of red nourishing ingredients such as red dates, wolfberry, and roses, which not only make the sweetness of red beans more prominent, but also these ingredients have very similar effects, which are more helpful for supplementing estrogen.


And Qidu Fangyiyan Cake breaks up all the ingredients and reassembles them, the whole cake is composed of fine powder , more easily absorbed by the body. In addition, xylitol is specially selected to reconcile the sweetness, low-fat and low-sugar, even if you are greedy for a few more pieces, you don’t have to worry about gaining meat.

2. Peach gum

Peach gum is a natural gum secreted by peach trees. It contains many essences of peach trees and is rich in Collagen, high nutritional value. Women eat more peach gum every day, which can stabilize the estrogen level in the body, effectively prevent skin oxidation, and keep the skin white and smooth.


If you want to eat peach gum, you need to soak it in water one day in advance. After the peach gum becomes soft, wash it with water and break it into pieces Cook and eat in small pieces. After cooking, the peach gum is transparent and jelly-like. The delicate product seems to have the fragrance of peach blossom. Add some rock sugar and cook with red dates and goji berries for a better taste.

3. Black sesame

When it comes to black sesame, many people will naturally think that it can make black hair. In fact, the effect of black sesame is far more than that. It is rich in antioxidant substances, which have a certain delay effect on the aging of the body and skin, so women often eat black sesame seeds, which is better than eating many supplements.

If you don’t know how to make black sesame, I suggest female friends to trySeven degrees square five black cake . Its ingredient list is very pure. You can see that there are only five black ingredients, but each of them has been carefully considered, and the ratio is fine and reasonable to maximize the nutritional value of the pastry.

Qidufang Wuhei Cake is made with oil-free and low-sugar low-temperature baking process. It is low-fat and more at ease. It can not only satisfy your cravings, but also can be used as an extra meal between two daily meals. It is made of natural grains and coarse grains, giving you a sense of fullness It is very strong, and the whole person is full of motivation after eating.

4. Papaya

There is a special substance in papaya called papaya alcohol. It After entering the human body, it can help break down fat in the body, accelerate the discharge of “harmful substances” in the body, and help female friends keep in shape. Moreover, eating papaya often can also help stimulate the secretion of estrogen, and has a good beauty effect.

Papaya tastes sweet and crisp, but compared with other fruits, it has less water content. Papaya can be eaten raw or used to make “Beauty soup”, the stewed papaya is more sweet and soft, and it can make the skin more hydrated while clearing the intestines.

5. Black beans

Black beans, like red beans, contain “isoflavones” substances, which can well coordinate the stimulation in women’s body prime level. In addition, black beans are also rich in high protein, which can replenish energy for the body. However, the skin of black soybeans is hard. If you want to fully absorb nutrients, the best way is to make black soybean milk.

If you don’t have time to make it yourself, try Sanchuangui black soybean milk powder. It is made of artificially selected top-grade black beans and grain black rice. It is double nutritious and moist. The soybean milk powder is fine and grain-free. Adhering to the concept of pure nature, it rejects additives and malt-oligosaccharides make it sweet but not greasy.

Sanchuangui Black Soybean Milk Powder is individually packaged in the same amount, which is more convenient for daily working women As long as there is boiling water, you can brew a fragrant and delicious black soybean milk, which is nutritious and sweet. Drink a cup in the morning to warm your body and mind, and drink a cup in the evening to sweep away the fatigue of the whole day.

Summary: After a woman is 45 years old, the secretion of estrogen decreases, which has a great negative impact on the body. Therefore, if you find estrogen loss in your body, your face turns yellow, and you become irritable and irritable, you must pay attention to timely conditioning. The above 5 foods may help you, and you will look younger if you eat them often.