​Which groups should pay more attention to health check-ups? There are so many things to pay attention to

Physical examination is of great significance for people to maintain their health and to prevent and treat diseases.

For healthy people and For sub-healthy people, regular health check-ups can help to detect the existence of adverse mechanisms in the body early, and then eliminate the occurrence and development of lesions as soon as possible, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of physical and mental health.

For the sick population, it can achieve early detection, diagnosis, control and treatment; the purpose of disease , It provides a strong guarantee for maintaining the normal state of the body. However, due to differences in personal constitution, environment, work style and other factors, the susceptibility to diseases of different groups of people is also different. Especially the following people should pay more attention to physical examination:

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Middle-aged and elderly people

< p data-track="15">The body gradually begins to develop aging in the prime of life. The degenerative changes in the body of middle-aged and elderly people are obviously intensified, and the immune function is weakened. Therefore, the possibility of disease is more likely big. If the conditioning is a little careless, it may induce disease.

And to 50 years old In the future, the symptoms of physical discomfort will gradually become superficial and obvious. Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people are more likely to be in a sub-health state. We should pay more attention to regular health check-ups to delay aging and maintain health.

Chronic Most of the diseases have already appeared, which is very important for treating and delaying the occurrence and development of the disease, and more importantly, preventing the occurrence of disease complications.


office crowd< /span>

Because office workers often work in a sitting position for a long time , and this posture does not have much room for adjustment and improvement, and at the same time lacks moderate exercise and fitness exercises, as well as correct eating habits, such as a large amount of fat intake, fast food, eating supper, etc., resulting in abnormal blood lipids and even fat in most office workers. liver, obesity.

according to Relevant survey reports show that 12.8% of office workers aged 31-40 have dyslipidemia; 31% suffer from obesity; 3% suffer from coronary heart disease; 12.9% suffer from fatty liver.

It can be seen that the health status of the office population cannot be ignored. Regular health checkups can detect and inhibit the development of diseases in time, thereby effectively promoting physical and mental health and ensuring the smooth progress of daily work and life.


Scientists and main leaders of the company

Leaders of academic disciplines and principals of large companies suffer from heavy workload and high mental pressure, causing severe physical overdraft, seriously affecting physical and mental health, and are most prone to major incidents in the body. According to reports, from January to July 2011, 19 corporate executives across the country passed away.

November 25, 2012 , the commander-in-chief of J-15 carrier-based aircraft training, and the chairman and general manager of Hafei Group died due to fatigue, which aroused the regret and grief of the people of the whole country. Therefore, it is recommended that in addition to compulsory physical rest and healthy exercise, these personnel must undergo a physical examination once or twice a year to ensure their health and make more contributions to the motherland and the people.


Chronic Disease< /span>

Having high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, diabetes It is very important for patients with chronic diseases such as heart and brain diseases, asthma, hepatitis, chronic gastritis, and chronic nephritis to have regular health checkups for the monitoring and control of their conditions. Especially, it has played a positive and effective role in the early detection, early treatment, timely medication and termination of the development of chronic disease complications.

If you only rely on the doctor’s treatment and ignore the monitoring of other effective methods, it is very likely that the existence of related diseases will not be discovered in time and cause delays in the disease.

Therefore, regular The physical examination is carried out in order to truly understand the physical condition, maintain good health, and avoid the occurrence of adverse phenomena.